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  1. Got out there again, with my Dad. Took our pontoons and rowed around for several hours this morning.

    Right there in the mission bay was productive. We decided to explore and went around the shore to what I've always heard called Sunburn Beach. Caught a couple more fish there and then down the shoreline some more.

    We mainly focused on submerged rocks because that just happened to be where we'd get all our hits. We could see schools of minnows in the 1-2 feet depth and I've always been told, find the baitfish, find the big fish. Or something like that. Once I caught a 3 pounder out of there that ended up going into the smoker, but before hand it's stomach contents contained around a dozen of those little guys.

    We brought around a dozen fish between us to the net. I must have lost 8 or so. I had those 1-2 second hookups that just don't hang on. Maybe my hook is getting dull. I also must of had 20-30 bites. It was absolutely absurd. I usually don't get that bad of a hookup to bite ratio. The fish were just real timid this time out.

    Of the 5 I caught, only one came in easy. The others continued to fight like I hadn't seen before. Not quite like some of the rainbows I see in selective lakes around the area, but they definitely weren't the log they usually are.

    The fish ranged from 7" up to 20". My biggest was 17" today. Although I did have a couple hookups that I think might have beat that. Were only on for a second, but one hammered my line and ran with it. By the time I got my hand on the pole it was off. Another one hammered my line, rod tip up, fish gone. Another hookup later... I got one close to the shore so it couldn't run away and instead just went screaming through the water along the shore, lost it. These were some of the 8 or so that I had hookups with for only seconds before they were off. Little frustrating but still a great day over all.

    I took a few pictures but left my camera at the parents. I'll get some pictures up here later if I remember. I took pictures of the insects on the water. I'm still very much a novice and I'm not sure what they are but hopefully the pictures turn out and I can get some help on it.

    When we first arrived fish were feeding off the surface all around us while we were unloading. We thought this'll be great! haha. An hour later there were thousands of these flies on the surface and nearly zero fish eating them!!! Why?! All tiny flies, I guess if you tried to match them it'd be about a #16 or #18.

    At one point a fish was rising near me so I quickly put on some floating line and a fly that seemed similar to the ones on the surface, no takers. I felt like I was throwing 1 fly into the middle of 100 others and hoping a fish would choose it. Didn't seem like the way to go about it.

    So I went back to sinking line and worked the rocks. Worked very well. Wind was calm enough and my casting is getting better. Was able to toss it out there and vary how I stripped the line in. Seemed like every spot you'd think there'd be a fish, there was! But just that one. You'd get your chance with a bite or a couple second hookup, or rarely get the fish to the net, and that was your chance at that hole. New spot, new fish.

    I really hope this keeps up for the coming month. I'm looking forward to keep going back out there. I still am really wanting to feel some weight on my rod and with these fish showing me an above average fight, it would be amazing to get that chance.

    Tight lines!
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  2. I would guess the nippers were nipping on woolly buggers???
  3. I was there Tue evening and Thursday around noon. Only an hour from shore Tue, but landed one and had several misses. On Thursday I took the toon out and used a sinking line and streamers. Lots and lots of missed strikes. Several hookups, but everything shook loose. The entire time the water was blanketed with baetis, but nothin was rising. Just before I had to leave at 2:30 some started rising steadily enough for me to switch to a dryfly, but they lost interest in the mayflies quickly. I wonder what makes them come up all at once, then stop fifteen minutes later.
  4. Nope Zen :) Oddly enough buggers didn't get me even one bite yesterday. After getting two fish the bite seemed to stop so I switched things around. Tried eels and buggers, lots of different colors and couldn't get any bites. Decided to go right back to what I was using in the beginning and they started hitting again! What the heck. I'm fairly certain I wasn't matching the hatch. But when I found those minnows around the rocks and was casting and stripping around them, it's possibly anything would have worked there.

    Sounds like you had a similar experience triploid! I wondered that myself. I saw literally thousands covering the surface. And every so often you'd see a few slurps, but it would stop as fast as it happened, leaving tons of flies still there for the taking. Beats me.
  5. There was tons of damsleflies around too. Some of the splashier rises may have been fish after damsles, or some of the hoppers and bees I saw on the surface. At one point I looked down and at least two dozen damsles were on the side of my toon, several munching on mayflies. The dragons would fly around and spear 3 or 4 mayflies and eat them all at once, like a mayflie skewer. DSCN0093.JPG
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  6. Fun read with a couple fishers on the same lake!

    Info makes me think a baetis nymph under indi would of been good but I know not everyone likes this style of fishing. maybe some speed trolling with minnow patterns that have a hang back hook? Made me think of how to tie a HANG BACK MINNOW FLY.
  7. Okay, picked up my camera. Here's what I got, maybe you guys can tell me if these are just the baetis people are talking about. One of em looks darker then the rest.

    Here's the thousands of flies on the surface, little hard to tell but they're there.

    Then this is what they were... middle is what most of them were, but look to the far right, you can see a darker one, WHAT IS THAT!?

    I scooped one up with the net to check it out. Camera decided to focus on the background so those didn't turn out. Basically it looked like some other species from the area. Light wings and accents but the body was a darkish gray.
  8. Well got out to the lake four times since I last reported on it. Three of the times I caught fish. The time I didn't my Dad got a double digit amount. He stole my fish! Seems about every time we go out we catch a couple in the 2-3 pound range. I haven't broke the 20" mark here yet but hit 19.5" twice.

    The smoke has cleared and the place doesn't stink of fire too bad anymore. Here's some of the damage the fire did to an area. Still smoldering in one area.

    Then here's a fish I was fortunate enough to catch. Didn't put up much of a fight but it hit my fly hard and made a small run at the start. Somewhere in the 18-20" range, I didn't measure it.

    With steelhead season announced up here I might not get back to Omak Lake for quite some time :(

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