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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by WT, Aug 24, 2008.

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    Early morning low tide + pink jiggly = 5 lb rezzie
  2. Way to go. I used a similar pattern and coloring this morning and produced a 20lb hatchery.
  3. Mr. E, no photo? Some might wonder. Last time I typed BONK BONK for a decent day some threw the BS flag. I had misplaced my camera, found it this weekend cleaning out my truck. I'll try to keep it close at hand for future excursions.
  4. Edited for Mumbles porn. I took a shot of it with my camera phone and a head lamp so it's kinda dark. ( Caught it around 5:00am this morning )

    Crappy cell phone (no flash)

    No ice, basket not big enough.
  5. Very cool, everyone loves fish porn. I forgot my phone even has a camera. I should learn how to use it, maybe it will take good shots and I can leave the other camera at home.

    WT, love the fish, love the improvised ice chest too. When I don't bring a cooler I catch fish, I generally have lots of trash bags available and some blankets or other crap to make a "cajun cooler" as my cousins would say.
  6. Boy you should of entered the fishing contest on this site, the poundage is adding up for you this season.
  7. I have this phobia. Every time I join a competitive fishing event sorta like that, I always get skunked. Phobia/Paranoia/superstition what ever you want to call it.:( I know, it's in my head but boy howdy do I seem to transpose it on the fish:eek:

    BTW Tommy, I CnRd two hatchery and 1 ldr this morning. That favorite place we talked about. So when are you going to make it out there?
  8. Have not been able to get out when the good tides are happening. Fished friday night on a incoming tide and landed my first shaker silver. I was very proud of my self!
  9. Whoops, I might have just made a mess, that is porn. I love the basket photo, seemingly ineadequate!

    WT, back to your photo for a sec, only thing missing is a nice little brown bottle on ice too, say a local micro brew or something!

    Fishporn, maybe the best kind?
  10. Normally I would agree but I had to go into work that morning.
  11. Nice job WT, always handy to have an ice maker on the beach to drop cubes into the stripping basket.

    I think I need to start fishing with Mr. E, this guy is slaying kings. What a GOD!

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