On stream tweezers?

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  1. As I get older, it's getting harder to easily grab a single size 18 or smaller non hackled fly from the slots of my C&F fly box while on the water. I love the box because it neatly holds so many small flies (22 midge/baetis per row), but they really do line up close together. Without tweezers, my fingers want to flip out several surrounding flies and I'm too much of a tying junkie to leave spaces between slots in my box. Longer fingernails are not an option.

    After tying them at home, I slip them into the box with a pair of Dr Slick angled tweezers, which is perfect for the job.
    Although they have holes in the sides, they aren't zinger friendly for use on stream. I could velcro them to the side of the box, but I'd undoubtedly fling them into the water removing the box from my sling pack or vest. Alternatively, I suppose I could modify a pair and drill a hole in the back for a zinger attachment.

    I've tried cross locking tweezers, but they're too large for small flies, require too much force to open and are too crushing when closed.

    My hemostats are the fly saving curved type that allow one to grasp the back of the hook to release from a fish without crushing the fly body. I like them for removing hooks that don't immediately slip out of a fish.
    Unfortunately, I don't like using them to try and remove new flies from the box where I really need to grab the fly body since the hook portions are hidden in the slots of the C&F box. They're too big for that job and even with less pressure the toothed portion can damage fragile fly body materials.

    Anyone know of fine tweezers that can be attached to a zinger? Thanks.
  2. I would drill a hole in the Dr Slick's. Or at least keep a pair in the box.
  3. A piece of heat shrink would work on the curved pair. Leave a 1/2" tag at the end, heat it, pierce it & attach zinger.
  4. What's that tool called that looks like the business end of a pen. I'm having thinking problems now.

    It's called a Ty-rite. You push the button down on the top and you hook a fly with it. It holds the fly so you can tie it to your tippet. Press the button and your good to go. No messing with Forceps to hold the fly. This tool is about 3" long and clips to your vest or whatever you use to pack your gear around.
  5. Maybe mini hackle pliars would work to grab the curved part of the hook, though that still wouldn't provide a retractor lanyard attachment point on the tool.
  6. Yeah, and that thing will suck a # 16 dry fly up to the hackle feathers. :eek: I have a small pair of stainless steel tweezers that snap into an equally small stainless steel holder that hangs from my vest. I got mine from Marriott's probably 15/20 years ago.
  7. Just tie a loop of leader, string, or my favorite - a small black elastic hair scrunchy - through one of the holes and you'll be all set. I'd use the straight one and cut a short section of tubing to fit over the tips to protect it and you.
  8. I never ever had that problem. Just hold the fly differently.

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