on the yakima this week

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by ray helaers, Sep 7, 2002.

  1. ray helaers New Member

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    I'll be spending the better part of this week working with a biologist, collecting bugs and taking other water-quality measurements in the Yakima and some of its upper tribs. We'll be camping at Reds.

    I won't have my boat, but I'm hoping to be able to get in a little evening fishing. Is the river wadable? How's it been fishing? Has the autumn stonefly hatch started?

    Whatever, I'll be there and hopefully fishing no matter what, but any and all information, scuttlebut, and/or unfounded opinion would be welcome and appreciated
  2. Kaari White Active Member

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    I fished the yakima this morning (between eburg and cle elum).....Before the wind picked up, the fishing was good. The water is low and clear and easily wadable. The fish were fairly aggressive and I saw lots of stone casings, dead stoneflies but just a few live ones. I caught 4, 10-13", before the wind made me think scouting the royal slope for pheasant was a far better idea. Two were caught on tom thumb pattern I picked up in BC a while back and the rest of the time I used the typical fall yak patterns.
    Good luck!
  3. Greg Moore New Member

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    The river is dropping about 300 cfs each day and is very wadeable now in the lower canyon (running about 2000cfs now). Check with Steve Joyce, the new owner at Red's. He has drift boats available for rent but you really won't need one. The stones are just starting, hoppers still work and the caddis in the evening will get the fish looking up (if the wind doesn't blow them off).

    It should be good all week!

    Good luck!


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  4. Rialto Member

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    I fished (wading and banking) the lower canyon today from about 3-4 until sundown. Used various-sized caddis for a couple of hours and only managed one decent rise, which I missed, and several bumps from thumb-sized trout. The wind was a gusting so I switched to a beadhead GRHE and managed a couple of 8-10 inchers. Switched back to caddis and finally a stimulater at sundown and lost a nice fish when he snapped my leader at a blood knot.
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    I'm thinking of going to the Yakima next weekend. Never camped out on the river anywhere. Is Red's a good spot? I'm looking to camp with my son and a place to camp with river access close would be a welcome tip. Will accept gladly all tips on camping sites.


  6. Greg Moore New Member

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    Red's is the best place in the lower canyon. Steve has spots for RV's, tents and he also has a couple of cabins that have been refurbished and are reasonable priced. He's also got drift boats and rafts available for rent, as well as guide service.

    Check out his web site at http://www.redsflyshop.com/

    or e mail him at info@redsflyshop.com

    He's a super guy and he'll take good care of you.

    Good Luck!


    "In our family, there is no clear
    line between religion and fly
    fishing" Norman MacLean
  7. Paul Huffman Lagging economic indicator

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    I tried again Friday night, by the Slab, and I'm still completely baffled by what they want. They ignored my stone dry, PEDs, and caddis. I got just a couple small ones on swung copper bodied soft hackles. I saw one rise, and that was a little guy that immediately
    grabbed the soft hackle when I slid it under him. It was windy and cold, thunderstorms threatening nearby.