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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by wyo_guy, Sep 5, 2002.

  1. wyo_guy

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    I'm gonna check out the Yak tomorrow (Fri. 9/6) from Cle Elum down. I'm driving a green Exploder with a Thule ski-rack (and a Wyoming bucking bronc sticker on the rear window, of course). If you're in the area, say hi ... I'll probably be snagged on a log and cursing loudly.

  2. Greg Moore

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    Check out Worley-Bugger's website to see what the flows are. With the river dropping you will be able to hit water that has been unavailable to waders since early spring. Good Luck!



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  3. troutman101

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    I have the same window sticker on my van.

    I also have a "Bait Fishermen Suck" sticker as well.

    Have fun on the Yak, I hear it is really fun right now. Fishing is probably perfect. Make sure to have size 6 tan stoneflies. Goldens work well but the tan ones work as hopper as well so you can cover two bases.

    Good Luck!
  4. Paul Huffman

    Paul Huffman Lagging economic indicator

    I tried below Roza Wednesday evening and all I caught was one chinook yearling and one rosy side shiner. It was still too high Wednesday, and cloudy. I thought Wilson Creek looked muddy as I zoomed over it. The high flows had me crawling through the rosebushes and poison ivy.

    Lots of bugs but nothing feeding at the surface. I saw trico duns, PED, tiny caddis, big caddis, but my ties aren't working. I can only get hits on swung soft hackles. Right at dark, too late to tie on another, I finally had a solid hit on a Bloody Mari, so solid it broke right off.

    I've been striking out since July and my favorite stone dry stopped working. But now Worley Bugger says the short wings are hatch. Maybe I should try it again.
  5. wyo_guy

    wyo_guy New Member

    It wasn't the most successful outing I've had, but you know the saying: "A bad day fishing is better than a good day working" or something like that.

    I got in the water a mile or so above S. Cle Elum bridge at about 8:00am and fished a hopper w/ a Copper John dropper. Landed a nice 12" bow, but went cold from then on out. I nymphed the rest of the morning with mainly a 12 BH pheasant tail point and 16 copper john dropper with nothing. I switched it up a little, but it didn't seem to matter. I'm wondering if my nymphing techniques need modified. I just try to maintain a drag free drift and typically feed line out as my indicator floats past me down the run. Could indicator location on my leader have any impact? I use the yarn indicators and place them between my fly line/leader loops. I'm certain the flys are dragging bottom, though.

    Later in afternoon (around 2:00pm) I fished above the Teanaway with no luck. It got overcast and the conditions couldn't have seemed better, but I just couldn't get a strike. There were no fish rising, but bugs emerging everywhere. Maybe the decreasing flows are affecting feeding habits (my excuse for poor technique!)

    I also had a scare as I got into some deep, swift water and had to scurry to the bank. Filled up the waders and soaked myself. The power of a river never ceases to amaze (and scare the s**t out of) me. All in all - good times. I hope to run into some of you on the river some day.

  6. PFunk

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    PFunk :BIGSMILE I don't know about you guys but I had a decent day last friday. Caught a couple 12 inchers and lost one about 20 inches. This hog was to heavy to jump so it did a crocadile death roll and the hook pulled out. So far I'm 0 for 2 with the hogs. They really love the caddis and stimulators. Had to cut my afternoon short when I saw the lightning. Hope you guys find some big fish. This is my favorite time for the Yak.

  7. RozaMike

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    Fished below Roza on Saturday with pretty good luck. No hogs but several in the 16-18 range. The best rig was fishing nymphs deep with a splitshot. The water was pretty low (600 cfs) and warm. There were several hatches of small caddis (18) that brought as few up to the surface. No sign of October Caddis. Did see a pretty good catch from an osprey which stooped from about 200 feet up to take a fish.
  8. Paul Huffman

    Paul Huffman Lagging economic indicator

    I got that hint from others recently. "Try the orange stimulator, even though it's early" Could these fish actually remember last fall's caddis and be anticipating this fall's?
  9. ral

    ral Rich Layendecker

    I fished the Yakima on Saturday. Water was clean, clear and beautiful, river has dropped about 18" in the past two weeks. Watched 5 fish rise to the Stimulator but turn away. I switched to an Elk Hair Caddis and started to connect consistently. Later switched back to stimulator- no good. Picked up most of the larger fish (14 - 15") on a bead head dropper under the caddis.