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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Mark Mercer, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Hit a HC beach with my son (from Colorado) yesterday and found some willing fish, enough too keep us happy for a few hours. I took this one photo just cause it was such a gorgeous cutt, and reminded me of Tom P's post with a similar colored cutt...The picture really doesn't do it justice, beautiful golden olive and nicely spotted, did have a split in the middle of it's tail and a few lice but not as many as most of the others we caught.... All great fighters and most were in the 13/14" range with a couple of 15's, so don't give up, there's still some out there.....
  2. bet it's fresh out of a river cutthroat.jpg
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  3. Awesome looking cutts guys, I struck out my last trip out, I need to get back out there. Mark, are you still using your switch a lot?
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  4. Amazing cutts, Mark and Kelvin.

    As long as we're sharing beautiful cutts (sea-run, westslope, etc), here's one from last summer with nice coloration. They are the prettiest trout of them all in my humble opinion. Hope I'm not hi-jacking this.

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  5. Beautiful fish Mark.
  6. Westslope Cutts are cool, the Trouts to catch in MT.
  7. And then there are Colorado Greenback Cutties as well. :). Since we veered off and are on the general Cutty admiration - not to detract from you Mark (because yes, they are beautiful fish). Here is a Colorado Greenback, small but pretty, caught in the wilderness. :). I love little water in isolated places like this.


    Caught here. :)

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  8. Kelvin, is that a sea-run? Looks Westslope-y. And the algae looks riverine. Beautiful fish regardless.
  9. Yes, how has the switch rod been treating you?
  10. Since we've got rivers and salt represented, here's one from a brackish lagoon

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  11. Long live the Cutthroat! :D
  12. Very pretty.
  13. Some beautiful Cutts on here!

    Heading down to Hood Canal this coming weekend. Any SRC fly recommendations for someone still learning the beach game?

    In my few trips around HC and Seattle beaches I've found that working good structure and tidal current is more important than specific flies. Had the most luck on a plain beadhead olive bugger anyway, but curious if others have some SRC fly recommendations for what's been working on the Canal and South Sound this winter.
  14. awesome fish guys! guess ill contribute, here's a few over to 20 mark.
    P1070055.JPG 22\" cutty 2.JPG IM000424.JPG
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  15. I've posted this one before but here's my cutty of a lifetime:

  16. cant tell you how long ive spent looking for the last thread you posted that pic on to drool over it. i know ive hooked a few that size. . . one day

  17. That's a monster-slob of a cuttie, WOW.

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