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  1. This morning, Bhudda, my fiance and I were driving along Ben Howard road to go put in his drift boat at Sultan. Along the way we spotted a nice, white pickup truck with some sketchy looking characters acting suspiciously around it. We could also tell the hood had been popped. Bhudda immediately called the police and urged them to get out there.

    He got a call back from a police officer within about 10mins asking him to come identify someone he had detained. We were already floating, so that wasn't an option, but he informed us the guy he detained was carrying meth, and had multiple warrants.

    We saw the guy to whom the truck belonged in the run below the parking spot. We informed him of what was going on, and he immediately took off back to his truck. He called Bhudda back shortly after to tell him thanks for calling the police, but the tweakers had already taken a lot of his belongings from the truck, and had apparently had a team that hauled his stuff off on a 4 wheeler (according to the one who got caught).

    Anyhow, thought I'd give a heads up to anyone looking to get out in that area.
  2. Sad. Good job getting the police out there quickly...few more minutes and they probably have nothing to go on, at least there is a chance to recover the belongings. Getting tough these days to hit the water and not think about your car every hour...find myself less willing to venture up/down a river far from my car.
  3. I freakin hate the tweakers out there. They've completely ruined that river for me. Can't park anywhere without worrying about one of those dirtbags crawling under your rig and taking a sawzall to your catalytic converter.
  4. Nice job Evan!

    One caught is better than coming back to find your vehicle trashed and no one to fit the blame on..
  5. Sweat job Even...and good on the cop who actually responded in a speedy type fassion, he/she is one who is worth the tax money to employ.
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  6. Great call, glad to hear that they're getting busted.
  7. To bad that guy didn't catch them red handed! I personally would have handed out a beat down. I hate friggin tweakers in that area and feel more patrols need to be present.
  8. Evan, as a former law officer, it would be one helluva nice gesture of thanks to get some goodies delivered to the arresting officer's precinct. Yeah, donuts are good! For an officer to respond as quickly as he did given how thin they're spread over the county, that guy must be pretty dedicated. Even better would be for the truck owner (if you can get in contact with him) to send a letter of appreciation to the officer's commander for the response and subsequent arrest. If you've ever worked as a law officer, those little gestures of appreciation do go a long way in reinforcing their notion that a vast majority of the public are good people. And there's NOTHING more rewarding than knowing that when you put your heath and safety on the line when called, your efforts are appreciated by someone somewhere...

    Food for thought...
  9. Unfortunately busting tweakers doesn't stop breakins. He'll be back on the streets, well probably already is out today. I've developed the opinion that the only way to stop tweakers from breaking into vehicles and buildings is to kill them. They don't stop until they're unable to breakin. Killing them is the only cure to recidivsim. Sounds harsh, but nothing else works. I'm liberal who is a pragmatist at heart.

  10. When all logic in a human has left them to a point they will sell off their children to get a fix, can we really still call them human? Brain cells damaged beyond repair. I'm a passive person 99% of the time, but have had a moment with an aggressive tweaker. It is unfortunate, but in many ways I do agree with salmo.
  11. Just to throw in with Flyrodr, we have a number of cops in our family and it's a tough gig. Man, talk about getting jaded by a job. Imagine if 95% of the people you encountered every day were tweakers, wife beaters and jerks trying to get away with doing something illegal by justifying it with a lie. I'd hate to be a cop because after a while you'd only see the worst in everyone that you met. Donuts would likely go a long way.
  12. I don't disagree with anything said here honestly. And like Mike Lee said; there gets to be a certain point where it's hard to even think of them as another human being they're so fried. I have an aunt who fell in to this crap, and at this point she's completely hopeless. Even if she ever gets off the stuff (far from likely), she's so fried that she's damaged beyond repair. I'm hoping that since this guy was caught at the scene of the crime, was carrying meth, and had warrants, he's got at least felony charges to keep him put away for a while.

    To FLYRODR: Thanks for the suggestion! I'll see if I can find out where this officer's precinct is. I'm not sure if it was a county or municipal officer, but I'll see what I can do to find out.
  13. Really? the only way to stop someone with a disease is to kill them? that's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Maybe instead of focusing all OUR money and attention on Jail time we should put more effort in treatment for those who have an addiction to something they physically or mentally cant stop doing. I have many friends in recovery, I myself am a recovering addict. So there is hope for some of them. the punishment doesn't fit the crime, sure they are scum for stealing stuff but WTF. And buy the way the treatment programs in jail are crap or dont exist and its easy to get drugs in jail. so no shit it doesn't work. rehabilitation my ass its like school for scum. I understand that you being a Pragmatist makes you philosophically think that if something doesn't work move on, so lets try something else before we think killing a human being is a good answer.
  14. since when is an addiction(something that they took, they had the choice to make, they are the ones who did this to themselves) a disease??? im pretty sure an addiction is just that, a disease is something you catch. gonorrhea is a disease.....
  15. Norcal51,

    I'm sympathetic to anyone who truly wants to help and improve him/herself. If drug addiction is a disease, it's unlike any other disease, including alcoholism. Drug addiction as a disease is a disease of choice, and a bad choice at that. Society's number one obligation is to protect itself. I believe in compassion and humanitarian effort, but those are fundamentally secondary to self protection. I'll temper my prior statement, modifying to add drug rehab for offenders who want back into mainstream society. But it's a limited one-time offer, any back-sliding or repeat theft and they get the terminal treatment.

    As for the punishment not fitting the crime, that's only true if you believe that citizens truly ought to bear the burden of repeated break ins of their vehicles, homes, and other buildings to be ripped off to support a tweaker's drug habit. No apologies here; my compassion doesn't extend that far. Maybe it's just because I'm one of those citizens who's been ripped off, and I'm tired of it.

    Actions have consequences. If you're not wanting the consequences, don't take the action. Live and let live, leave my stuff be, and we'll get along just fine.

  16. +73982789723 Salmo_g
  17. I can only applaud the fact that instead of being complacent, you decided to take action by notifying the police upon observing something that did not seem right. Good job!
  18. its nice to be "pretty sure" but that unfortunately is not fact. I'm sure of that. And yes your statement is true they did make the choice to take a drug, problem is the diseased don't get another chance after that. while the non diseased can turn away and make a choice to say no. lots of people make bad choices. doesn't mean in the long run there all bad people

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