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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Evan Burck, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. David Loy

    David Loy Senior Moment

    I wouldn't miss one (or all) tweakers that mysteriously disappear. However, on the off chance someone here is actually considering confrontation with a weapon of any kind, don't. Document and call the police. Pop the guy you'll be doing time. You MIGHT get away with gun display but you had better get on the phone and tell the cops before he does.
    Dropping the dirt bag is a delicious thought but not worth doing time. That would be a tragic waste.
  2. Larrys

    Larrys New Member

    Good on ya for taking the effort to call the police!!

    To those that say its the victims fault for having nice things I say "bullshit".

    To those that alter their life for fear of being victimized by thieves I say "thats a shame" (although it is a choice you are free to make)

    I once caught a guy stealing a tool from the bed of my truck....It was a great feeling when the 30' tape measure that was on my hip conected with the side of his head with all the force I could generate.
  3. Mike Lee

    Mike Lee It's all about the sauce.....

    I had a tweaker loot a beach house I was working on down at Dash Point [Sorry Saville, this house is near you]. We were off the project for 2 weeks. During the time the culprit squatted in the house, ate just about everything there, Shot up [burnt spoons everywhere], stole clothing, called his buddies, and loaded up a boat with a bunch of goods and also more from 5 other homes nearby he broke in to. His buddies left with some of the goods and he tried to take off in my clients 13' smoker. Idiot didn't mount the mercury on correct or put the boat plug in so he got about 1/2 a mile south lost the motor and beached it at the state park. Ranger came by and said he needed to move his boat and he cant sleep there. He left the boat and ran up the hillside ripping off his clothe having a bad trip. Made it to a house asking for help. The people let him in! Fire Dept showed up, cleaned up his scratches and drove him back to the state park, dropped him off with a blanket. Then he broke in to another house down the road. Called his mom from the house phone for a ride. Police questioned the mother, but still this tweak was out on the loose. 3 weeks later he was picked up by the local PD for something minor, they let him go, drove him back to the park as he said he was camping there. Finally he was caught because my client drove through the park and recognized her tent. Apparently this kid has a long record of substance abuse and has been in and out of the "house" several times. The sytem is not working all to well, but I don't know what the system is.

    Norcal, you mentioned that you are a recovering addict and you have friends that are also in recovery. You also mentioned that the jail system is not effective and that one can easily get drugs while doing time. Because you have first hand experience with this would you be willing to write up something that can help educate the system to possibly make the system work better? I'm not harping on you nor trying to obligate you in any way. I'm just asking as I am quite ignorant in how the process works and have absolutely no experience on the inside. If you don't want to forward the info yourself I would be more than willing to handle that if provided. If what you mentioned is true our tax dollars are not working in the best of ways [much like many other programs]. I am convinced that a large percentage of what we pay into [not focusing on any one area] overlaps with other departments and the efficiency was only gained back when it was formed and lost when the next generation of bills were passed. So if we can make an existing system work better then why not?

    Since this isn't Magnum,Oklahoma where they encourage everyone to carry a sidearm and the crime rate is 0%, but more so Washington "the enabling state [my opinion]".
  4. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson Member: Native Fish Society

    If you want to stop tweekers, pushers and the drug cartels, legalize drugs. Prohibition didn't work and the "war on drugs" isn't working either. You'd have way more space for murderers rapists and thieves in prison. If drugs were legal, these guys wouldn't have to cook up meth, they could get what they needed legally. You all might be bad ass M F'ers, but don't go shooting or beating anybody, call the police!
  5. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    I'm all for legalization and ending the war on drugs... But shitbags will still be shitbags. I think tweakers will still do what they do because they can't function well enough to hold a job while on that crap (unlike other, more naturally produced substances).
  6. stilly stalker

    stilly stalker Tuna sniffer

    but if it was legal, they couldn't trade stolen goods for drugs, not ending theft to fuel their habit, but definitely lessening it
  7. Mike Lee

    Mike Lee It's all about the sauce.....

    Really? Legalize drugs? How is that going to stop anything?
  8. Mike Lee

    Mike Lee It's all about the sauce.....

    Sorry Stilly, but I'm sure all will lead back to crime. Nothing good has ever come out of something that bad.
  9. Leroy Laviolet

    Leroy Laviolet Aint no nookie like chinookie

    You got it right on the money Mike !:thumb:
  10. norcal51

    norcal51 Member

    I would live to write something that might help. Let me put something together. I also want to make it clear that if they are given the chance to change and then continue to act in a manner unfit for society they should have harsher penalties in place. I do however agree with the legalization of drugs, the war on drugs is just a glass war, its made of smoke and mirrors. It will never end and more and more innocent people will die from the "war" its the biggest waste of money ever. Legalization has been shown in many studies to bring crime down. plus the government is able to tax it. Then they can use the tax money to put real treatment programs in effect. As for driving a crappy car to deter thieves, that's ludicrous no one should have to change there life for someone else. One last thing. If someone broke into my car tweaker or not and I caught them, lets just say when the cops finally come and ask what happened and why the thief was barley breathing, my answer would be "he fell" I dont condone that kind of behavior. The only reason I responded to the thread is a general statement about killing someone for a drug habit is dumb. how about just stating that thieves deserve to die.
  11. aegiorgi

    aegiorgi Killin' trout doesn't add inches to your dick...

    Pack heat and INTEND to use it! I have a heavy dose of hot lead for ANY methed-out piece of trash that messes with me or my stuff.

    Im with our boy Sg...they wont stop till their dead...i would consider myself a facilitator in that regard. Too many people on this planet anyways...time to do away with the filth!
  12. virginia is for lovers
  13. Mike Lee

    Mike Lee It's all about the sauce.....

    Norcal, Thank you for your willingness to help. Education in our days seems to be lacking GREATLY. I hope a piece of awareness might inspire more minds to help find a solution.

    Yes, putting a bulls-eye on every criminal is much easier to do, and yes, in a general sense tweakers will not stop until they are dead. I guess what I am trying to achieve with the help of Norcal is to find those in the mix that may recover if the right circumstances should arise. Why do I care? I just recently had a friend relapse. He has been clean for over 2 years and is really close to being a journeyman electrician. He's a generous person with a heart of gold that has been smacked down with painful losses, one after the other. He bounced back for these past 2 years, but something got the best of him. This happened last week. I haven't spoken to him yet.
  14. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    Killin' trout doesn't add inches to your dick...

    Nor did this post............
  15. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    I think viewing this thread so much has caused Facebook to take note. This is now a sponsored link that shows up next to my news feed:
  16. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Holy freaking crap man, this is a fly fishing forum, not some shoot 'em up premedetated crime planners hot spot. You should really get your theraputic dosage levels checked out. When was the last time you got out on the water, swung a soft hackle, streamer, drift or skated a dry? You are overdue.
  17. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    Sounds like this guy needs to nymph a bead under a bobber. That'll get things right
  18. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    You dirty nympher! That would work though.
  19. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    I don't nymph much these days. The whole spey thing ruined me.

    About the only time I find it worthwhile now is when I'm in a boat on the move to the next run. But I'm finding that using one of them evil, knuckle dragger type gear rods is more fun in that situation anyway :thumb:
  20. smc

    smc Active Member

    Seriously! Between this and the poaching thread I was beginning to wonder if I could ever step outside again with the rivers apparently filled with roving packs of poachers, vigilantes, russians and tweekers! But then another, more pleasant thread, brings this singular thought to mind.

    "If the world was perfect, it wouldn't be" ~ Yogi Berra

    Thank you Yogi. I can go fishing again.

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