One less tweaker to worry about

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Evan Burck, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. FE427TP

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    Don't worry KerryS will be along soon to remind us this is just an internet bulletin board and that people talk out their ass all the time here, but it is foolish to say stuff like Alex did, not for the criminal case, but in case of civil suit. Report it to the authorities, give them the assistance they need to do their jobs and if they refuse to get in touch with your elected officials to put some pressure on them to pursue the case. We live in a nation that has achieved success by following laws and using order. Besides 175gr MatchKings carry their energy better. :rofl:
  2. Ed Call

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    I think that KerryS often reminds us that the things we type in a forum post and the things we do in real life may be a bit different. I think that there may be a pair or two of soiled knickers when bullets beging being exchanged. Gun play is some serious $h!t that some talk pretty lightly about. Some may even argue that to talk openly about it, if it can be linked to a real life case on trial, may constitute a level of predmeditation. That could alter the perception of any jury.

    I've met KerryS and have no doubt that hell call me a bag-o-bs here as quick as arond a campfire as needed. He's a pretty straight shooter...pun intended.

    As far as fishing goes. I will seek out the least confrontational manner to enjoy my fishing adventures. It is my intent to fish and have an enjoyable time and come home to my family. The variables throughout that adventure may change. At the end of that day it is still my intent to return home safely.
  3. PT

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    When a person puts a value on their own life at how many dollars they can get for a catalytic coverter then that's their choice. The value of that same item to me isn't measured in pennies per pound. I'm a bit like Salmo in that I carry a couple shovels in case I can find some help.
  4. Mike Lee

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    Shovels? To bury the evidence? Come on PT, they have dogs that will definitely find the stinkin tweak....are the shovels in the rig that you just came back to to find the tweaks looting it now armed with.....shovels? I still believe in take the safest route possible [ though that is not always possible].
  5. avs16win

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    Some of yall are sickos. Please don't teach this shit to your children. Let them grow up to value material posessions over human life all on their own.

    I can't imagine owning something that I would blow some dude's head all over a tree for.
  6. GATOR9

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    Well thought wisdom said in words. Many of us that are in our 60's did our share of dodging bullets, and just trying to stay alive to make it home, and there are those still coming home doing what many of us did. Different time, different game none of which many of us want to go back to even to make it to the next fishing hole. Just remember it is very final and your life would change like you can not even imagine. I too am sure that some may think this old man sounds nuts, but many of you know what I am saying. Damn another serious moment , gotta knock that crap off.
  7. KerryS

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    I am one lousy shot. Which is the reason I tell all the gunslingers around here to pack a short barrelled, 6 or more shot 12 gauge shotgun loaded up with #4 buck. At least for me if I were to shoot at someone I might have a chance at hitting them. Especially if they are armed also because my eyes will be closed and I will be shitting my dress as I spray the area with as much buck as I can get off..............................that is if I don't freeze up or run away screaming like a girl.
  8. Ed Call

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    Not totally buying that version, but it makes for one hell of an image burnt into my head. What size dress do you normally wear and is there one fabric you prefer over another for the ease of shat stain removal?
  9. Evan Burck

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    If you're in a situation where confrontation happens, why not just get the shitbag with pepper spray? It'd be a whole lot more entertaining anwyays
  10. Salmo_g

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    The problem with pepper spray is that it deters breaking and entering for only a short while. The only reason lead poisoning comes so highly recommended is that it prevents the otherwise inevitable recidivism. If 90% of all crimes are committed by repeat offenders, imagine how low the crime rate would drop if tweakers were taken out whenever they were caught. As for PT's remarks about shovels, well shovels are a last resort if you can't borrow a backhoe or excavator. And as for dogs sniffing out buried tweakers, well, who's gonna' go looking for missing tweakers? Not even their mothers.

  11. Evan Burck

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    As someone who has a tweaker in his family (that abandoned 5 kids to be cared for by other family members): I can verify the validity of this statement
  12. Alex MacDonald

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    I'm no cowboy, Josh. Every target I popped didn't get up and bitch about it to their lawyer next morning,either, and there was no medal for "courageous restraint". We tolerate this element way too much. Net chelavik, net problem, as ol` Joe used to say....