One long weekend

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Bob Rankin, May 6, 2013.

  1. It was one hell of A long weekend. My 8 year old had her first communion on sunday. That being said there were close to 25 people at my house for the whole weekend. The last of them left yesterday and it is back to normal. I got in a few evenings of fishing with Mcnasty before the crazyness of family and friends show'd up. All in all my daughter had a great time and felt very special, and me not being one for crowds made it through anouther family event! Now it is time to fish.With A hot eastside forcast this week, not sure where to fish. Im shure Ill come up with something! Tight lines all.

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  2. glad you survived the crazyness, and your daughter had a good time. now time to get fishin!
  3. What do ya say Mcnasty, RF at sunrise on thursday? Hope to see Zen there as well!
  4. don't gotta ask me twice, i'm game!

  5. Sunrise??? That's about 11AM isn't it?
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  6. Come on Zen! Ill be there when you drive in. Hot coffe for a tailgate party. Im going to spend my morning tommorow glassing a feild and calling coyotes. Maybe ill get lucky.
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  7. Which of the three locations are you two parking at? I need to test out a new rod and some new flies. I've been doing some attractor flies.
  8. Bill

    The last one by the bridge. Bring all the goodie's!
  9. I'm trying to decide which rod to bring.
  10. Im bet you will come up with a winning combo.
  11. the kind that catch fish are usually my first choice :D
  12. Yeah....but if all I have are the other kind, what would you bring?
  13. Im going 4wt with a floater or a 6wt with floater maybe both. most likely both.
  14. I will either use a 5 wt CIRCA or an 11' 3/4 switch rod.
  15. Have fun . . . I'll think of you while I'm at work.
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  16. Hey Jim

    One more thing to think about at work, yesterday I pull'd off the cast and blast. Coyote and trout. One of my better moments! Hope all is well, give hank a pat on the head for me.
  17. Hank says thanks, Bob. Sounds like a full day for you.
  18. Jim, Bob need some ideas for a coyote tail emerger.
  19. Sounds good Zen. Im open for ideas. By the way I stayed at RF till noon landed 3 on the dragon fly nymph.The hit man over and out:cool:

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