One pontoon deflated in the sun?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by jm22, May 29, 2012.

  1. jm22

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    Greetings, am new to the forum. Got my first pontoon, an Outback 8 footer, off Craigslist. Used it a lake last weekend, worked fine, no leaks, then put it in back of my truck with half sticking out past the entrance, other half under the camper shell, but in the sun, while I float-tubed another lake for a bit. About an hour and a half later, I got back to the truck and one pontoon was half deflated, other side was really tight and in fact the area of the bladder right around the valve was protruding a bit, but it had not deflated any. I figured I had burst the one bladder by leaving it partially in the sun. But I got it home, took the bladder out, inflated, ran soapy water over everything and can't find any leaks! Anybody know what happened? I figured maybe there was some sort of safety let off with the valve or something, but can't find any info to suggest that. These are the same plastic valves I have on my FishCat 4 float tube. Thanks for any insights.
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    The sun heated the air it expanded it and than when the sun got off the tube it contracted. Happens all the time to rafts when the temperature changes rapidly. They are also affected from atmospheric pressure changes. Its more noticeable in vinyl bladders than the more expensive urethane ones.
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    Thanks for the reply, Shawn. What's weird is why didn't it happen similarly to both sides, then? And the pontoons were still both half in the sun when I got back to the truck. Anyway, they've both been pumped up tight in my garage for over 24 hours now so no leaks. Just wondering if this could ever happen while out on the water?
  4. Brian Miller

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    That is odd especially with one pontoon distended at the valve. Sounds like a good reason to wear a PFD.
  5. jm22

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    Amen to that. And maybe also a good idea to carry the pump along.
  6. jumbo215

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    Could be you had a fouled valve, dirt, sand, etc. Its been known to happen. Since you filled em back up and they dont leak id guess it had somthing to do with a valve.
  7. Thomas Williams

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    You may want to relieve a little pressure If you find that as the day progresses its getting rather warm. The air does expand and if the pressure is already high you risk blowing a seal. leaving you in a bad situation. I also keep my pump with me just in case.
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    It is always a good idea to carry a pump, a repair kit, an extra valve (and wrench if applicable) a spare oar, extra straps, zip ties, and a knife at a minimum.

    Of course you could really go over the top with a bunch of other stuff too if you want (extra food, water, flare gun, tent, blanket, chainsaw, you get the drift).