one would be an idiot to start tying

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by P.Dieter, Sep 24, 2011.

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    Just have to know where to look I guess. I can think of several shops and suppliers who won't sell to other industries. Google around and you'll find saddles for $800. but you'll find some in the $50/60 range. Those would be Whiting, so not floor sweepings.
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    Good luck with that, ha ha. :) I did that for about three to four years. Came down to two or three different patterns. Now I have a bazillion different materials I'll never use again. Just saying, you can over think things sometimes.

    But I do agree, nothing like plucking out a fly that you tied.
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    It's time to get back to harvesting roadkill!!
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    Why does someone have to use hackle to learn to tie flies? Aren't there scores of subsurface flies out there that can be taught that use no feathers at all? It would be a shame to give up on something so great as teaching someone how to tie for themselves just for something like that. Maybe have a discussion with them at the beginning of your class explaining why they shouldn't support these markups and then move on to tying some nymphs.

    As long as my cats are around, I'll have a neverending supply of dubbing for nymphs anyhow. Then again, if people start weaving cats into their hairstyles, I'll gladly sell the lazy bastards for a nice profit and pick up some hackle with the money. :D
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    My mother in-law got a few "special" roosters and hens from a family friend. The salmon net has another use now and I have a decent supply for my bass bugs...

    By the way, let those folks know about the fish you catch with that stuff in their hair, its good fun.
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    REally? I mean Really?
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