ONP Steelhead & Bulltrout

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Rich Simms, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. ONP Steelhead & Bulltrout Nov. 1!

    All are invited to this Wild Steelhead Coalition Event. Come hear about what's going on in regards to wild steelhead and bulltrout in the Olympic National Park. Sam Brenkman, ONP Fisheries Biologist will be our guest speaker. Pizza will be served at 6:00 PM with a cash bar for beer, wine and soda. Directions: http://maps.citysearch.com/location/11346975

    Come on out and support wild steelhead!
  2. Awesome: wild steelhead and beer...and close to home to boot. Sign me up.
  3. Mulligan, I hope you make it as well as many else on the bb. Be sure to introduce yourself:beer1:
  4. Just wanted to cycle this one back up to the top, since it's a week away.

    Seems like a good opportunity to find out more about the Wild Steelhead Coalition, and what they are doing to help the local steelhead fishery...
  5. Thanks Snake, I had missed this one entirely.
    And in my back yard too. Will be there.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to inform us of the event! Sounds like a great way to find out who is doing what, and what results are expected/occurring regarding wild steelies.
  7. What's the date? The info in the original post isn't showing up (on my computer at least) and I don't see reference to this event in the WSC site. I gather its at the UW Horticultural Center beginning at 6.
  8. November 1st.
  9. Thanks Guys, I hope everyone shows and has a good time. Be sure to introduce yourself!
  10. Don't thank anyone yet.

    A "good time" by this bunch usually seems to mean verbal fisticuffs, territorial pissing contests, and contentious posturing, seasoned with hard-hitting questions and miraculous insight. Maybe we can all land on a common cause we support and get behind, but if that's what yer after, ya better have some security goons with sawed-offs behind the curtains, in case it gets all ugly-like.:eek:

    The pizza and beer should help to quell the savage beasts, though.

    Heck, if Paris (France, that is, not Hilton...)woulda had pizza delivery and a decent brewery in the 1790's, Marie Antoinette mighta kept her head!!:beer1:

    Viva la revolution!
  11. Come on out tonight and have a :beer1: talk steelhead and hear about steelhead.
  12. Tonight? I thought it was tomorrow? I am going to try to make it assuming it's tomorrow.


    edit: by tomorrow I mean the eve of the 1st

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