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  1. SO my Buddy and I are heading over to forks next weekend. (10/28-10/30) We are thinking the Hoh but if it is slow we do have other options I guess. This will be for both of us our first trip to the OP. If anyone has any ideas of where to camp and any other suggestions it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  2. Try the upper sol duc (around bear creek) and dont rule out the bogi either. Good luck.
  3. thanks tyler
  4. how far up is bear creek? I cant find it on google earth
  5. Try doing a google search. You will most likely get plenty of info by typing Sol Duc / Bear Creek in the search query. Otherwise, if you are fishing the Hoh River, there are plenty of campgrounds on both Oil City Road (lower Hoh, below Highway 101), and Upper Hoh Road. Also, don't forget your discover pass. The DNR campgrounds that use to be free now require the pass.
  6. Be good to see in low water your first time, but i'd save the gas
  7. Bear Creek is right by the blue heron lodge. I think there's a free campground right there too, if memory serves.
  8. You and your buds do know they gill net the OP streams as well right?
  9. The campground now requires a discover pass.
  10. once upon a time, there were steelhead on the op. after swimming through a gauntlet of nets they were inundated with "fly fisherman" side drifting thingamabobbers and decided to turn around and swim back past the nets for the salt.
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  11. well i'm not going then...
  12. Upper Sol Duc is very very low and the fish that are in are skittish and terrified of their shadows. You might consider another river in my opinion.
  13. I drove over the Sol Duc last weekend and it was depressingly low...almost no water at all!
  14. I would save the gas and time until we get some significant rain fall. Or bring your single hand rods and chase the SRC's around, that has been pretty fun.

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