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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Bryce Levin, Feb 21, 2013.

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    I want to be clear. Doug rose is not an issue or problem. Doug has worked tirelessly to preserve, protect, and loves the op. He is in no way pimping the place out. So don't anyone stick words in my mouth there.
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    I think folks are missing the real problem. Everyone wants to talk about ways to save Native Fish, or Cry about big box retail stores, websites, magazines, or craigslist guides... Folks lets just detonate an EMP over Washington. SO MANY problems would be solved.

    Fish Finders would stop beeping, alarm clocks would assist sleeping, and Dams would start seeping. Sure there would be other problems like flooding and hunger but really minor in comparison to keeping the OP safe. Here at the Prison we would probably just shoot a few in mates to keep control, not like anyone could take photos or report on our miss-use of force. Shit now that I think of it, why haven't EMP's started to become for sale on the private market? I would chip in as long as they did not affect Guns and Treble hooks.
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    Annnnnnnnnd we've got ourselves a tasty fat troll.
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    I would hitched a ride in that boat this weekend if I had seen ya. I was there from Friday through yesterday morning, and it was not a great trip for wading. Managed a few nice fish though. :)
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    Honestly I should have known better then to bring up that article..That would mean that some of these fat boys with bobbers would actually have to read and of course how could you do that when it would interrupt your internet porn?

    Rose shits more then you have ever done for any river Phat.. OP is whored out because um lets see...None of you have a clue how to fish anywhere else...and your puffy jackets, straight brimmed hat and gopro's can't understand why your fat boy fishing method ain't catching nothing like it does on them hatchery rivers!! Dah....

    Fucking tool....read something before you beek off~~~ it's not the rags that are the problem..it's you jerk off pretenders on here!!!
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    Why do you have to drag the puffy jackets into this? Man, I love my puffy jackets.

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    Puffy jackets are rad. So is Doug Rose.
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    Suck my puffy jacket!
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    The worst thing to happen to the OP was not articles. I'm sure all the publicity didn't help, but I think the closure of every Puget Sound steelhead stream might have had more to do with with the recent crowding on the OP.

    Do you think that if the Skagit, Skykomish, Sauk, Snoqualmie, Puyallup, Nisqually, Nooksack, & Green rivers offered the kind of returns of steelhead they did in the 70's (or imagine the 50's!) that there would be so many jerk-offs casting over each other's lines on the OP????? OP is a great area, it's stunningly beautiful & it has spectacular native fish. BUT, it doesn't really offer anything fishing wise that a guy couldn't have found on the Skagit 50 years ago.

    If the OP were less crowded I would probably be there, but as much as I enjoy the fisheries over there, the crowding has really detracted from my experience. I just don't get as excited about getting out on the water when i know that I'm going to be following between 3-20 drift boats on every float, and fishing immediately behind other guys on every single piece of water I see all day. I realize not everyone feels the same way that I do, but when the OP starts to feel like the Cowlitz in terms of crazy numbers of guys, I don't get the same sense of adventure and exploration that I do on a stream without anyone else there. It's not even about the fishing necessary, I guess I like the solitude. I have a few places in BC that I go that where I can still expect to be the only one on the creek, but as more US fisheries close, I should expect those to disappear as well. Who would have thought there would be so many other people that would wanna drive 3 hours each way when gas is at nearly 4 bucks a gallon, to hike around in pouring rain & 40 degree weather, so they can have a slight chance of hooking a fish they are gonna let go anyway.

    Damnit it's steelhead fever & I LOVE IT!
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    It has all become clear to me why I don't fish the O.P. anymore. I think I'll go fish for surf perch At Clinton and leave the Drama to those so inclined to combat fishing
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    It isn't called "steelhead fever", it is called "steelhead glory" or "steelhead heroism" and it really bothers me. You don't see all these fancy pics and videos made by gear fishermen. And gear fishermen aren't making many videos because they catch steelhead all the time. Why is it that even the videos trying to raise awareness for steelhead never show gear fishing, just fly fishing fishing?

    Ever since I started gear fishing a lot more, mostly because my favorite riffles are loaded with Spey frothers 24/7 which they weren't 5 years ago, I have been catching so many steelhead I barely ever grab the camera. It's ironic.
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  13. _WW_ Fishes with Wolves

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    Well, as for the Skagit, the two years in the 70s that we have numbers for read as such:
    • 1978 - Escapement = 5,757
    • 1979 - Escapement = 2,982
    Fast forward thirty some years:
    • 2011 - Escapement = 5,655
    • 2012 - Escapement = 6,185
    So...why aren't we fishing the Skagit?
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    You are too funny Golfie! Except I love Internet porn and puffy jackets. Don't worry I'm not offended. I remember when you thought a coho was a steelhead :)

    Batter up!

    Ps Doug Rose is a saint wishing him the best!
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    Are you talking to me? Surely you can't be talking to me because you seem to have made several jumps in your logic and thought process from the singular statement I made. What resulted seems to be a convoluted breakdown on your end. Talk about putting words in one's mouth. Go back and read what you have written, it is jumbled bullshit, and if someone were to say this to me in conversation I would be inclined to think they had missed a dose of their sanity pills. Have you Mr. Golf?? Again, it IS the mags and online superstars that are the problem, not Doug Rose. I thoroughly enjoy reading Rose's writings, both on his blog and in print and now that he has been diagnosed with cancer I'm not sure we will see too much more from him.

    If you ever do see me on the river, please try and spit out the same rant to my face. I will gladly lay you out on the gravel bar. :)
  16. Chris Johnson Member: Native Fish Society

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    " can't we all just get along?"
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    Golf if that's directed at me i think we are not understanding each other. If it is I'll clarify. For one i don't own a puffy coat, dangle a bobber on a fly rod, own a trucker hat, and am far from fat. I don't spend a ton of time in here either but it breaks up my work day. Two i live here, work here and am less than enthused to see any mag hyping it up. I mean its about discovery on your own right? Also i will say it again so there are no wires crosssed. Rose is a benefit not a detriment. I do feel that the go pro look at me, I'm doingit for real BS is wrecking it. I mean how many more articles do we need in sts about the quinalt? How much traffic can the place handle. Any press is bad press. Hell even if u see me on the river and ask how its going, my response will always be "slow" cause i don't know u , have Dick to prove, and i have plenty of company already. I am however always courteous and willing to help. I'm just a guy who's witnessing his home rivers be trod upon by every tom, Dick, and harry with a raft and "fly fishing defines me, aren't i cool" attitude and it sucks. Even my b rate rivers are over run with the, "i read a sweet report yesterday" crowd. I honestly wonder when it will cease to be worth it to me. So forgive me for poo poohing your mag. I would gladly take up this conversation away from here. perhaps we won't agree. Well that's fine. I'm not afraid to disagree with someone even if they have a spey fly tatoo. i may not be an internet tough guy but tattoos don't scare me one bit. So there it is,be well and tight lines.
  18. James Mello Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"

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    I read it, and frankly, I'd prefer it to not be specific on some of the rivers in question.
  19. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    We should fish together again sometime :cool:

    Lots of bullshit in this thread. I've managed to sneak in some days on the water in the past couple weeks, and just tailed my 7th fish since February started yesterday. Other dudes need to get out, somewhere, cast a line, and/or get laid.

    I'll be rockin my puffy jacket on the water next week, internet porn at the ready on my smart phone if anyone wants a swig from the flask.
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    It was a steelho sean...hush child!!

    and here in lie's the problem...haunted you must be reading or seeing only fly sites as the old guard are plastering their faces all over the net with dead wild fish from the queets etc. DEAD WILD FISH...great spoon job herzog...oh it's not wild it's a miss clip!!!

    goddamn I have a puffy jacket but i wear it under my "normal" fishing jacket..I bend the hell out of brim too...sorry grew up in gangland..little white boys playing pretend got smacked down!!!

    Look forward to the gravel bar pp...I didn't jumble anything..that's exactly what you said..accused him of blabbing rivers when he only said..If you are one of the idiots with stone faces marching on the rivers maybe you should re evaluate why your out there!!! Told you to go fish the old spots where history happened and maybe get your mind right...Jump on him when he's down..