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  1. I don't know how to define significant but here are some total harvest numbers for wild winter fish from the past 2 years of data i could find(02/03 and 03/04). I had to figure a number for February since the new date is Feb. 16th... so I used a 30% figure for the month of Feb.

    Quillayute - 657 (11% of escapement goal)
    Hoh - 130 (5% of escapement goal)
    Upper Quinault - 35 (3% of escapement goal)
    Clearwater - 31 (1.2% of Queets basin tribal escapement goal)

    Quillayute - 263 (4% of escapement goal)
    Hoh - 210 (8.7% of escapement goal)
    Upper Quinault - 22 (1.8% of escapement goal)
    Clearwater - 48 (1.9% of Queets basin tribal escapement goal)

    Of course, harvest numbers have likely decreased since 2003/2004 as lower limits have become law and more anglers are choosing to release their catch.
  2. I know that 2008,2009 and 2010 we seen 3 times the prior years tribal angling pressure on the Quillayute system, and the fishing showed it. The Hoh tribe was very conservative on there fishing time in 2010 and it showed favorably in our daily catch rate as well. As it is now the Quiliute tribe could not add many more days to there schedule and not be fishing every day of the week. I think they run on a days quota not a total fish quota and by adding more anglers to and allready high days quota will be troiblesome for escapement...The catch numbers given from tribal catch is only what was sold and recorded by fish buyers.
  3. "The catch numbers given from tribal catch is only what was sold and recorded by fish buyers."

  4. Yeah the revised sporty harvest rule does seem like a drop in the bucket, but every drop helps when the bucket's leaking this badly,

  5. Not anymore. Busted Jim's ass this year. Caught red handed with two fillets. He doesn't poach Chinook as they can no longer get above the Canyon into his territory. He says ironheads taste better anyway.
  6. HAH! You know Jim! When I surveyed there, he was cooking up a fat steelhead almost every time, and my boss did NOTHING about it, even though she knew what he was up to

    Did they kick him off the land finally?
  7. I am all for a moratorium on steelhead fishing...but then again i am a young sprat and have time for those runs to once again become shadows of their former selves............
  8. while this press release is recent. these rules are permanent regulation changes made during the last rule proposal process. the press release is a reminder of new permanent regulations, not of emergency or temporary regulations.

    it makes me wonder how many people actually read the rule proposals and give public comment when i see how much press this release has gotten on the internet.

    just a reminder of when this occured.

    Washington Fly Fishing Board Link to 2010-2012 Rule Proposals
  9. While I read the discourse on this site on a regular basis I have, thus far, chosen not to opine because, as the old adage goes, opinions are like a-holes....everyone has one. However, this particular comment stirs me to say the following: Over time, I have read countless observations by "Mumbles" and I've concluded that he is not only a real gentleman but also a sportsman of the first order. Moreover, he strikes me as the type of individual who usually sees the glass half full vis-a-vis many of the controversial issues discussed in this forum. These rather strident comments, while atypical and somewhat out of character, are none-the-less right on target, particularly the last 4 word sentence.
  10. Stilly-

    Scierra Pacific is letting him stay until his end of days. Even at 80 something he's still got quite a few years left. I bring him a pack of filters and a fillet or two of SALMON every time I visit. Enforcement now knows where he lives and what he's up to but I doubt they will pay much attention because "at least he's not killing chinook".
  11. Are you doing the salmon/steelhead surveys for whatcom county now?
  12. Whatcom and Skagit
  13. She should be fired.
  14. An important first step to help protect the depressed early component of the run which has been in serious decline. The Wild Steelhead Coalition worked with the WDFW and Commission to get this ruling proposed and adopted by using sound biological arguments to help protect the diversity of the wild steelhead run on Olympic Peninsula steelhead rivers. Thanks to all the folks who made comments supporting the rule change.

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