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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by BNaught, Feb 10, 2006.

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    I'm kind of a rookie at fishing - fly fishing 5-6 times a year for a couple years now - lurking on this board a lot. I recently bought a small boat / electric motor to take my daughters along-one or two at a time. While it isn't ideal, it will give me a way to get them (9,11,13) into fishing and hanging out with their old man. Maybe later I can get them to fish from the boat while I paddle around in my float tube.

    I'm looking for advice on open waters. I live in East Snohomish County. Pass Lake sounds good and not too far to go for a day of fun. Any other advice on small lakes? As long as the water is open, it's legal to fish, I am interested. I would apreciate your advice.
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    For all the lakes that are open year round. You'd be better served if you checked the regs. There are many that are and many that aren't open.

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    To clarify "the bent ones" response. If it isn't listed under special regulations in the regs then it is open. Also some lakes are "neighborhood lakes" being that you can only access them if you live on the lake or know someone who does. There are a couple of great options for you and your kids close to Sultan. I'll send you a pm.
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    Wait until warmer weather is with us before taking youngsters out. Make their first trips pleasant and easy. Call WDFW as to where and when they will be planting a bunch of "put and takers" and take the kids there. They won't care about size, they will just want fast action; a handful of 6" bows in an hour is a lot better than one 14" fish.

    In fact, if this is one of their first times out, take them to a pay-to-fish pond and let them catch their little hearts out on guaranteed waters. They won’t care about a less than pristine setting.

    It’s a long process to get them to the point that they may enjoy fishing on their own while you also fish. Fishing with young kids should, as a matter of course, include minimal (or no) fishing for yourself, and maximum helping them fish. If any of them take to it in earnest, the rest comes later, and will be a joy for you as they get older. Best of luck, fishing with kids can be a real kick. My 3 kids are all teenagers now (including 18 yoa daughter), but all look forward to fly fishing because it remains a fun outing. They all started as egg and cheese bait fisher's on spin casters off the dock.
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    They usually don't start planting the local lakes until the weather warms up. But a scan thru the WDFW site will help you on your search. But I just did that and nothing has been planted in this area. But every once in a while some of the local lakes will get a shot of fish from Trout Lodge. Nice fish.

    Here are a few that you can try. Flowing,boat launches on both ends. Blackmans. Gissbreg ponds,The north pond is for kids up to 15 years of age. No adults.

    Jim......I have no idea why I'm being nice:eek:
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    Just a thought, but I'm pretty sure that Pass lake and electric motors don't mix... Would hate to have you get stung, but I'm sure someone at the launch would let you know as your putting in.
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    But they will be soon. Got some info from the WDFW and on selective gear lakes electric motors will be allowed, but I don't think that they will be effective until next year. But then again isn't Pass Lake Fly Fishing Only and no motors allowed. Out Of the Regs.