Open Seat Lone Sunday

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Irafly, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. I fish an indicator about 98% of the time. Let me know.
  2. WOW, an invitation to the Dark Side by Darth Vader himself.
    I wish I could make it but I'll be up in Coupeville knocking over little steel plates. If I get back early I'll try and swing by for a bit.
  3. One of these weekends this winter . . .
  4. My empty seat actually became two empty seats today because as I pulled up to the lake, Jeff Dodd was just about pull out. We started to chat and we decided that fishing in the same boat might be a good idea and since his was already in the water, out we motored in the 14' aluminum. The boat fished nice, while the pram sat on the trailer back at shore, which made making the 5:30 ferry much easier.

    We started out at the point but we never really found fish there so we moved to the South end and that is where we found the happy fish between 6' and 10' of water. We ended up with 3 or 4 doubles and over 20 fish between the two of us mostly on indicators near the bottom, but a leech trolled real slow also picked up fish, but I didn't like that so I put it away and concentrated on the indicator game. We hit a few flurries of consistent action but for the most part it was a fish every 10 to 15 minutes.

    Overall a great day on the water and the company sure made the fishing more enjoyable, although we were both a bit ADD and we found that we started many conversations, something would distract us and we'd forget what the heck were talking about. Good times, good times. We were also collecting data for I believe the state and most the fish we landed today were in the 14" age class at about a pound each. We did end up with three just over 18" as well and a couple at 12 1/2".

    The weather was mild with a light southernly breeze, overcast most of the day with no rain. Just a bit different from what folks experienced last weekend.
  5. Thanks for posting a report Ira. A nice break in the weather for both you and Jeff. Glad you guys had a good time. My guess is the rain started up on your way home. Timing is everything!;)

  6. Great report. Sounds like a fun filled day. Jeff didn't bust out his sofa pillow and scare all the fish away did he?

    I just couldn't tear myself away from playing with the chums long enough to get up there. Chums will only be around for a bit longer, so I gotta enjoy it while I can.
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  7. Thanks for the fun-filled day Ira. I stayed on the water much longer than I expected because we were having a great time!

    The text from my wife at 5PM read "Are You Dead?" haha

    Thanks for the vertical fishing tips Ira and opening my eyes to the variety of flies one can fish under an indicator :D . As well as some new patterns to tie!

    Next trip I bring the beer

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