Open Tyers Table Tonight - Monroe

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Backyard, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Join us Tonight, for a Fly Tyers Open Table. Bring your vise, or use one of ours. Meet some new people, show off some of your ties and learn some new ones.

    Bringing :beer1: is welcome. Maybe we can talk Matt into demonstrating that shrimp pattern. :cool:

    Time: 6-9PM
    Location: All About the Fly, 212 E. Main St. Monroe WA 98272
  2. Wished I could have been there, but I always work evening shift so I can fish every morning. I'll be out in the AM. Gotta pick up some material.
  3. I wanted to,was planning on it, then was informed last night was my wife and I's anniversary (20), I couldn't afford the long-term-freight on that tying escapade.Next time I will attend. :beathead:
  4. At the risk of sounding schmarmy, I had a real nice time last night. Ron is a very generous sponsor of this event. He took the time to show how to tie a pattern and is a real good instructor. He accommodates everyone with materials, tools, and a great atmosphere. Kristin showed me how to make dubbing brushes from rabbit strips and it's fairly simple. Now I'm up to make a twisting tool so I can do these at home.
    Also got to eyeball Matt's shrimp patterns, fantastic! It gave me ideas for a crawdad pattern for smallies...

    You gotta check it out...!

  5. Those dubbing brushes are KEWL!! and that shrimp, well.... just dynomite, wish I coulda been there--and I agree --Ron is great--it's a great shop reminiscent of some shops gone by with friendly open tying/conversation tables for all to relax at and shoot the BS.

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