Opening Day 2011

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Loren Jensen, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Lake sixteen is super bad on opening day. My job has me working weekends so I ussually dont make it out for the opener. If for some reason i am able to get out there I generally hit a ff only lake in the morning then take a look at some of the other lake. I like to look because it provides some entertainment.
  2. Chris Banta

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    opening weekend is an excuse for me and my buddies to leave the girlfriends or wives behind for the weekend do some camping, fishing and get really drunk.
  3. Loren Jensen

    Loren Jensen Active Member

    well the whole point of going opening weekend is to fish lakes you've been waiting on. haha!

    like pass, that lake is great all year
  4. Trout Master

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    SB32,what Scott is saying basically is most quaility waters are open allready by that time.
  5. Loren Jensen

    Loren Jensen Active Member

    i understand lol. quality waters should be c&r. look at pass.
  6. Trout Master

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    ???????????????????????????????? lol
  7. Loren Jensen

    Loren Jensen Active Member

    that's a lot of questions, bud.
  8. Irafly

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    I'll most likely hit Ki again. The fish are not big, but two years ago I'm fairly certain a few thousand of the fish the stocked all bottled themselves up in one cove. I sat there and caught a fish every cast for a few hours before I needed to leave for a beer drinking party. That was an incredible day. And yes, I like opening day and the crowds I actually think it's kind of fun to be out there with a lot of people, sort of like an event that is made better with more people to share it with. I'm gregarious as hell though so I can understand how the crowds tend to stress those with less tolerance.

  9. Loren Jensen

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    See, I'm with you. I enjoy fishing with people. My dad said back when he was a kid, they would go somewhere like Lake Shannon, where it used to be a muddy mess, just to watch people be idiots launching their boats. Sounds like a kick to me.
  10. Trout Master

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    my reply to this was alot of ?????????????? because what you said did make sense in regarding to what was writen! bud
  11. Chef

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    I will be going somewhere. Not sure were yet. Could be a lake thats open all year or maybe a seasonal lake. Not sure. This is my first season back at fishing so I am still getting used to my pontoon, fins, and oars so I dont want to be in anyones way.
  12. troutpocket

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    Being the fish count guy isn't much fun. I did the same on Williams Lake near Cheney on the opener in 2008. Watched two pumped up muscle heads almost go U.F.C. at the launch due to lack of patience with 15+ boats waiting to launch. Another guy came within inches of squishing his toddler with his trailer for the same reason. Had a grandfather with his grandson tell me that what he caught was none of my damn business . . . nice example!! Many folks too drunk or otherwise altered to report their catches to me. All this and no cell service at the lake made for the most stressful day I'd had in a long time.
  13. Scott Salzer

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    My point exactly. I gots better things to do.

  14. KerryS

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    You and Ron have stated some of the very reasons that if I show up at a lowland lake on opening day it is with only a camera. Some splendid moments of human relation and intellectual decision making can be had at those launches during the morning hours of the opener. It screams out to be documented.
  15. triploidjunkie

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    For over fourteen years I showed up at the same lake opening day, to fish with the same crew that has been coming there for almost as long as i have. They throw 3 or 4 hundred brood stock in this tiny lake just before opening day. I would hit this lake at dawn, fish till noon, then go explore other area lakes. The last time I went I found myself disappointed. The fish didn't fight much, and were all on the small side. After a long weekend, the best fish I had to hand was a 19" brown. I couldn't help wondering how Rufus was fishing the whole weekend I was away. Upon my return, I went straight to the river, arriving minutes before dark. A couple of casts later, I was attached to a strong, cartwheeling 22" native bow. It made me wonder why I even waste the gas to travel, and I haven't left the region on opening day since, though I have a couple new lakes on the agenda this year.