Opening Day of Fly Tying Season

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by IveofIone, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. pwoens

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    Working on a solution

    I am trying to acquire the shop for a roundtable session. What days during the week work best for everyone? And what timeframes?

    Kevin ... the attachment is for you :p

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  2. jessejames

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    When I came up with the idea of a flytying get together for the east siders I thought we would do it later in the year or even in January when the cabin fever "boogins" started to get to us!! My thought was at my house because I have a place that could accomadate 8 or so tyers. We could get together on a Saturday or Sunday hang out and tie some flies have a mini-swap and eat some of my wife's great cooking. A middle of the week gig wont work for me at all. Some of us have to work M-F. :thumb: If any of this sounds like something you-all would like to do we could do it earliier in the year. sooner rather than later. Iveofione, Spokanefisherman, Pwoens, others?? check in with your comments...
    jesse clark
  3. pwoens

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    I was kind of thinking once a month would be cool but whatever works for everyone else?? I have been kicking around the shop idea with a few people for a little while now and I think either way we will be having a gathering there to tie on occassion.

    I have no complaints about this at all. iagree the cool thing about the shop is we have every material possible in case we need something. Plus we have the big screen and all the tying videos you could ever want at our disposal?? PLUS all the patterns in the shop for ideas.

    Im game for whatever everybody else wants. I think JeffW and LotechJoe would be interested also.
  4. Thanks Pat I was trying to find that exact same emoticon for you! I'm starting to like you better already. :thumb:

    Jesse I don't know if that qualifies as the "Boogins", but here we are 5th of Nov and Pat is already mooning me! :rofl:

    BTW, having enjoyed your wife's wonderful cooking, I'm game for either your place or at the shop. Heck, I might even be able to secure us the lodge here at the BTL where they film the exceptional outdoors program 'Columbia Country' :rofl: :rolleyes:
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    Patrick: I think this sounds like the best of both worlds. A monthly evening session at the fly shop, maybe Wednesdays Thursdays?? and then later a Sat or Sun longer event with food etc at the Clark house. Lets get started on the monthly thing soon I am ready. I know a couple of guys that may be interested...
    P.S. It does look like you need some counseling! Mooning Kevin and its only a couple days in the tying season!!!