Opening Day on the East Slopes

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Tom Merrill, Mar 1, 2002.

  1. I took my 4 year-old daughter to Caliche Lakes today. It was swarmed with slip-bobbers and marshmellows. After 20 minutes of seeing small fish taken (and a potty break), we packed up and headed to Rocky Ford for some bait-fishing relief. We fished the last 45 minutes or so before sunset and released 2 nice fat 'bows. (Tory loves to throw the trout kisses as they swim away!) Size 18 pheasant tail bead head was the fly of the evening.

    I'm curious how opening day was on some of the other Central Washington Lakes. Any help?

    -Tom :AA
  2. I hit the lakes in the Lenice chain and had an amazing day catching over 20 fish! The fish were eagerly biting but were a bit sluggish because the water temp was 39 in the morning and around 41 in the afternoon. No complaints here though. The fish were large and healthy but I didn't catch any Tiger trout and only 1 brown.

    Did anyone catch a Tiger Trout?

    There were a lot of chironomid fisherman catching fish but I stuck to a full sink line and a bugger.

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