Opening Day

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Tony the Trout, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. KerryS

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    I haven't even purchased my license yet. I'll wait 'til the crowds clear out and the water warms up a bit then hit the pads for buckets.

    It is great to hear the stories about the kids catching fish. That is what is opening day is all about for me. I miss taking the kids out on opening day but they have all grown up now. Waiting for the grand daughter to get old enough. Then the fun will start again.
  2. hikepat

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    Saturday around 1 PM found Amie and I on a little lake on opening day after spending a few hours at an Estate sale. Not to bad of crowds for a lake on its first day with maybe 4-5 people max at the boat launch fishing and between 6-10 boats on the lake at any one time most of which lived on or around the lake. Had fun seeing what fly that would not take fish, trying out many experimental flies and a few tried and true. Catch of the day for me was a 7" wild cutthroat not large by any means buts it good to see them survive still in that little lake with its 2000 plus catch and release rainbows every year. I have caught a few Cutts in that lake each year which is why we love to fish there. Amie kept trying dry flies most of the day so her totals were not very high but she always prefers the dry fly when she can. We never bother to count fish and I did find a new pattern to tie a dozen of, that caught a fish every few minutes even out fishing a pattern I found in the past to be the go to fly at that lake for opening day so its was good day for us both. Also talked to the only other people fly fishing who were also doing very well and found out while the materials where very different that couples fly that was doing well and my experimental squirrel tail nympth looked the same when wet.
    Funny part is we checked out a year round lake just down the road after we had our fill and it was empty of everyone even though it was planted this past month around the same time. Had fish jumping and fining every where. Ended the day a few miles down the road at a tavern that has Prime Rib special every Saturday.
    We thought about fishing either Rattlesnake or the year round lake above on Sunday but after the day before and the everning neither of our hearts was really in it even though I had tied a dozen of the hot fly of the day after getting home from the bar that I planned to try out on other lake. Oh well next time I guess.
  3. Eric Tarcha

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    hit silver lake north of maple falls and did quite well on buggers and bead head princes trolling in my toon. it was quite a circus but a beautiful day. I saw 7-8 osprey and a couple of bald eagles dive bombing trout off the surface of the lake, which was an awesome site.
  4. Daryle Holmstrom

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    Took my grandson out on lake 16 opening day, hightlight was two bald eagles screwing from 2000 feet down. Quite the sight! Very slow in the morning even with fishing with woolley buggers. We finally caught some in the afternoon but grandson was pissed because grandma caught the first fish, needless to say haven't strung my rod yet. Nice little chiro hatch came off at about 6:20 pm and lasted about twenty minutes, couple of fly guys that had them dialed in.

  5. Gary Thompson

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    Sharon and I got a late start and ended up at Blue lake (Sun lakes coulee).
    Got on the water a little before noon.
    You could just about walk across the lakes (Park and Blue) on all the boats.
    Ran into a couple of fly fishers in toons and got the scoop on what was hitting.
    Slow troll or retrieve on sinking line, black, or brown bead head buggers.
    caught many in the 12/14".
    I really enjoy hearing the different kids call out (I've got one) (I've got one too).
    Nice day good weather, friendly fellow fishers.
    Thanks again to the tooner guys for the tip.
  6. chadk

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    Had rods still in the trunk so I took my boys 9' 5wt pflueger rod\reel to a local lake and found a bunch of active fish - several big guys in the mix. This fish put up quite a fight:

    It took this fly:
  7. HauntedByWaters

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    Damn Chad that is a fattie. I haven't been able to catch any stockers bigger than 14" yet.

    Maybe it is time to end my Power Bait career and take up the old fly rod again...........

    I guess I will go out with one last Power Bait bang this evening and than retire.
  8. chadk

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    I'm kicking myself today. After getting that 4lber last night, I was a little jittery at all the rises and large wakes being pushed around by aggressive fish. I missed a take and on the back cast struck a rock. I put the fly right in the spot I missed the fish and sure enough it came back and sucked my fly in. It was a pig for sure. I set the hook and felt weight for a split second, but didn't stick. Doh! Fished for a while more with 3 or 4 more misses and really getting frustrated - but having blast at the same time casting to the risers. This morning I planned to make a few casts with the same fly, but as I went to add some gink floatant, I noticed the hook point was broken off just above the barb. Grrrrrr. Anyway, I ended up chucking chironomids from the bank for a little bit trying my new 'thingamabogs' (or however you spell that) indicators. I really liked using them compared to corkies, yarn, or those quick release foam kind. Took a few little stockers - but it was COLD and windy and not much of a hatch going on.
  9. HauntedByWaters

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    I feel your pain with the broken hook.

    I have been there.

    I have been there with summer steelhead even......

    God damn I have been there.....bawling:
  10. I went to padden in my float tube and this guy said somthing to his girl friend in russian before he casted and they laughed, all of a sudden I see his gear drop down two feet in front of me. I made sure I was out of his way and he casted off to the side in my general direction. I did catch 10-15 fish on a olive wb.
  11. BDD

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    I took three of my kids to the juvenile pond on Saturday, open year 'round.

    Great weather. There were about 6 other groups there but I didn't really see them catching any on their Powerbait.

    Lots of fish midging the shallows. My kids say, "dad you picked a great spot because we can see fish right next to shore".

    I suspended a midge about 18 inches below a small indicator and proceeded to let them catch pile of fish. We pumped a stomach and then I let the kids pick a fly from the flybox that best looked like what we pumped. The kids were busy playing in the water, making mud pies, chasing bugs etc. Every few minutes I'd set the hook and them them reel in a fish. We took turns doing this until each kid had their fill.

    Great day. I'd post some pictures but I don't know how and I don't want to brag on how cut my kids are.:rofl: