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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by ptphisher, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Well, like many I would assume I am not out fishing because I am at work, for those of you that were able to get out how was it?
  2. I didn't get out, but a buddy of mine has informed me that "everybody was doing well" at a certain MA-9 beach.
  3. Wasn't the beach I was at. Good conditions and a few jumpers out further but otherwise no fish present or willing where I was.
  4. I've been wondering wtf my buddy has been talking about...seems too early for anything pink. Initially I thought resident coho...then I got a text this AM.

    Second hand report:

    Same MA-9 beach saw a couple successful anglers, and a visit from the game warden. He apparently walked the beach checking licenses and hooks, and gave anglers the species identification talk. The jumpers in this area, and those being caught are CHUM salmon. These I believe are the ESA listed summer run chum. Be nice to them.
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  5. Could be summer chum traveling to the KillScene? That's on Hood Canal though.

  6. Seems odd there would be good numbers of summer chum being caught off the beach. What do I know though? We saw good sized jumpers monday - bigger than ressies and I'm assuming they were pinks or early coho? Hard to tell though.
  7. This info came from the game warden, so I'm assuming he knows what he's about. IDK though.

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