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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Topstoy, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. For those of you that know where I reside, had a great opening day on my lake. The fish that were planted last fall have grown well and most are now in the 15-16" range. Leeches worked well. Spent the morning with my camo intermediate line and this afternoon type 7 sink. 5 in the net this morning and then 13 after lunch. Called it quits around 2:30 due to severe weather came in and a sore arm. Fishing pressure was low, at the peak there were 3 others on the lake with me. Will hit it hard tomorrow. Top
  2. Excellent. I'll be heading your way in a few weeks. Can't wait to hit the "eastside" lakes.
  3. Except for one year, this same lake has been my opening day haunt for 40 years. Caught a bunch of fish dragging a big ugly on the way to my favorite bay and then realized what a poor chironomid fishermen I am. Most fish came before the sun came out behind some necessary clouds. Water temp was 55 early, before sun hit. Weather predictions are for bright sun and 75 which usually translates to more than 75.

    You are wise to "hit it hard" tomorrow before the heat trend cometh.
  4. Like Steve said we will be in the neighborhood in a few weeks. We look forward to seeing you again. I for one would like to fish your lake again at night...:D
  5. That's great news, Top! Did you encounter any of the fabled browns? We'll see you in a few weeks. Any interest in chasing those cutthroats again this year? I hope to go once my new truck arrives.

    See you soon, Ive
  6. I stayed at the north end, the Browns tend to hang out at the south end, rocky down there. I am interested in chasing those cuts again! I love that lake. On July 10th I am heading there with a local fishing partner. This time I won't be time constrained and should be there all day! Again I am sorry about that short outing last year. Hope to see you over here. Top
  8. Topstoy,

    Glad retirement is treating you well at your new residence. I'm still on the westside traveling Grandview daily in protection of the asset. Looking forward to fishing with you again sometime.
  9. Buck??
  10. Yes Ken, I'm glad to see you're enjoying retirement. Buck
  11. Perhaps we will see you in a couple of weeks. Good to hear the lake is doing well.
  12. Scott,
    I heard that the pack was getting together again on the 17th. I'm meeting up with Ive on the 16th but heading to the west side on the 17th. Fished again today of course and had another fine day on the water. Hope you all have a great trip when you get together. Top
  13. Thanks, Top. We always have a good trip. How long ya gonna be on the wet side? Any browns?
  14. Caught my first one of the season yesterday. 15" but fought like he was 20"! Heading back out on the water in a bit. Maybe another one is waiting for me....
  15. Top,

    Have you hit Blue in the Sin yet? I may come up Thur -Sun
  16. Bob,
    We were just talking about that today. We (my other fishing bud named Bob) are thinking that we might hit it next week. I will give you a shout and let you know how we do. Top

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