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    This is a dumb question (admins. redirect if needed) but is there any way of checking out the picture that comes up under the 'photo gallery' link on the home page. I dont want to have to scan through all the pictures to try and find the one I just seen. The others are great as well but I wanna see the big brown being held by the guy with a big 'ol chew in his lip, or the humpie that would make Quazzy Moto grin.

    Could somone help with this simple yet puzzeling question.


  2. Porter Active Member

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    I have also wondered if there was a way (quick)
  3. tythetier Fish Slayer

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    Have you seen the same two pics I am talking of? Great looking fish. The guy with the brown looks like he should be doing an advertisement for Skoal or Copenhagen.
    And the pink has the tallest hump I have ever seen (I have seen hundreds of thousands in rivers up in Alaska) but he was very bright and colorful. It might not even be a Pink.

    Can anybody help us. Maybe they need to set up a gallery of 'featured' pics.


  4. mike doughty Honorary Member

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    the pink is probably one of macrowdy's photos and the big brown could be one of crumps pics. you would have to go to the members galleries and click on there names. as far as your original question, couldn't tell ya.