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  1. I showed up to a clinic the other day and holy cow crap did I feel out of place. I don't really have a problem with my clothes and gear, but cheap redington waders and a tore up jacket matched to a pair of boots that are obviously from a rental fleet and I stood out like a sore thumb. Everyone else had simms waders, patagucci jackets and Sage Rods.

    I was stoked to see that everyone else was casting about the same as me, but when I tried to talk to the other guys after the clinic I felt like I wasn't welcomed, but maybe it's cause they all showed up with at least one friend. I also look like I'm a bit younger than I am and my XL waders look like a tent on my scrawny ass.The instructor was friendly though, and even gave me a ride back to my car, a nice running line and a really interesting fly, so maybe dressing like a bum has advantages, if you're into handouts.
  2. Ya know, the other day I was fishing and while landing a hatchery steelhead, it ( Mr. steelhead) made some smart ass comment about my over sized waders and how they made my ass look fat:rofl:. After slitting it's throat there wasn't a word said the whole trip home from him...dinner was also very quiet:rofl::rofl:...conclusion he may not of liked what I had on but he sure the hell liked the look of the fly at the end of my line.:cool:

    Fish naked if your that worried about the clothes you have on...couple days in this weather like that an you'll be thankful for whatever you can afford and have to wear while out there and less concerned on how you look....

    my .02
  3. If you're just developing skills and gaining confidence, your ego is probably getting in your way and making you feel things that aren't really there - it's pretty normal to feel intimidated, but that will go away with time. My advice - use a little humor to break the ice, and let the other people around you know a little more about you, it will go a long way. Just because you're on the water doesn't make you less human, in fact, it makes you more.

    Hang in there.
  4. Half the time anymore it's just me, my rod, and a box of flies stuck in my back pocket. If I go any distance from my vehicle I wear a small chestpack with more flies, tippets, and knick-knacks. Some places and situations call for waders, but in fair weather I prefer wet-wading. Don't let the snobs get to you. The fish don't care what you're wearing. You could have garbage bags tied around your legs for waders, and the fish still wouldn't care.
  5. Hang in there, it will be worth it in the end.

    "Be willing to be uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it's a small price to pay for living a dream." - Peter McWilliams
  6. I kind of blend in during the winter, but I definitely get some double takes and stares in the summer time when I rock the short sleeves. Apparently flinging flies around when you're covered in tattoos is looked down upon by some.

    Solution: You just have to not give a fuck
  7. I wouldnt give a shit if I were you. Funny enough to me is the idea that these guys are spending thousands of dollars on their gear, clothing, etc, to become a real steelheader, and Ive alrady caught more steelhead than they probably will their entire lives...ALL on the swing, no fucking bobber. My advice to you is to practce more in your free time, so you school their asses at the next clinic and make them feel inadequate
  8. Thicken that skin a bit amigo. You will need it if you plan on doing much winter steelheading. There are always a few lemons out there but most of the people you meet on the river are friendly. It just takes awhile to warm up.
  9. Other peoples opinions of you are only worth the value you give them. Derek hit it on the nose.
  10. Totally agree with others above. If you don't let it bother you it is not an issue. No matter how hard he tries to blend, Evan always looks out of place. Does not change the fact that he is a fishy fool for sure. If you are enjoying yourself then screw everyone else and their thoughts or ideas about how you look.
  11. Hahaha, I know the feeling bro. I rocked no shirt on the klick a ton this summer. THe jolly roger on my ribs scared a few older clients of reds i think. Hahaha
  12. WTF? Another freakin' thread about Sage, Simms, and snobbish people? No body cares what the hell you are wearing nor does anyone give a rats ass about tats. This shit sure gets old. NO BODY FREAKIN' CARES!
  13. I just bought a cheap tweed jacket from Value Village (pronounced V-Uh-LOO Vil-La) Now i fit in anywhere i go and people think i am a respectable member of society, unless i am hanging around with J Skeels, everyone knows he is a bum.
  14. Leather up nancy girl. Chances are no one cares.

    I have noticed that some people run into a whole lot more snobs. I wonder why that is?

    Go Sox,
  15. More than likely it's just the new guy syndrome.... Keep going, become a regular, and you'll be pleasantly surprised over time how the attitudes may change. There are plenty of clinics, and I can guarantee that what you wear isn't what's keeping you down...
  16. You can come to the Clearwater Spey Gathering at the end of Sept and no one will give a shit how you're dressed. Every day is casual Friday at the Red Shed. In the winter it's a prison gray T-shirt and sweat pants, in the summer it's a prison gray T-shirt and cut off sweat pants. It's about fishing two handed rods and Steelhead, not what you're wearing.
  17. I sure hope you can't see the pockets hanging out of those cut-offs!
  18. Well, there was that one burly guy last summer on the Clearwater who was wearing a white thong while speycasting. I'm sorry, but that is going to get some looks no matter how hard you try not to.
  19. YES!!!!!!!! Stealing that idea from him. I will get a nice yellow bannana hammock.......and wear it only while fishing with you nate.....muhahahaha
  20. That is why bitterroot chases land locked trout and does not swing for steelhead. Unfortunately he's been seen sporting:
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    Gross, just gross.

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