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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by unrooted, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Evan Burck

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    Mumbles... I really don't want to know the search terms you used to pull that up on an image search.
  2. Ed Call

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    That is an acutal photo of Bitterroot and that is what he rolled out of his tent with on a fishing trip. The gang around the morning campfire were shocked, horrified and embarassed. Bitterroot said "I don't give two shits about what you guys think. I'm from Montana and I do it my way." I'm still freaked out.
  3. DLoop

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    This is so wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

    Poppy, just think how you are going to have to expand your apparel section if this catches on
  4. Bob Jones

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    Which clinic did you go to? was it up here in the Puget Sound area? Other wise did you learn anything? was the teacher helpful? I apologize for they're rude behavior, I know I'm not responsible for their actions but I've been treated very well and we greet everyone who shows up that we aren't familiar with. To us the fact that you need to learn is the primary thing and That's where the teaching is aimed. I don't teach and you wouldn't want to learn from me but I'd be glad to learn along side of you if you can make it up here to our class some time. I am sorry but I don't have any thing marked sage or simms or any of those other stuck up names. If I had to spend that kind of money I wouldn't be able to fish and I couldn't stand that. Let us know if you can make it and check if I'm going to be here.
  5. Mark Speer

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    Won't happen! Not enough room for the RedShed logo!:p
  6. Steve Call

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    You gotta wear a camo thong if you want to catch steel!
  7. bushwacker

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    You hit a nerve with your post. While I appreciate the value of quality in the equipment we use, (Simms, Patagonia, Orvis, Sage, Loomis, to name a few). I'm appalled at the marketing of the concept that you are a better outdoorsman if you look like some English foop dressed in tweeds fishing the Spey. My revenge was a duck hunting trip where one of the guys was dressed in perfectly new, right out of the box, Orvis duck hunting garb with a beautiful engraved over-and-under. On the other hand, the rest of us were wearing abused Remington-Browning mud covered camo gear and tape covered pump shot guns. If you think you felt-out-of-place, symathise with this guy. He stood out like a sore thumb.

    I do not mean to diminish the quality of Orvis, or others who manafaciture quality gear, but don't let those
    marketing A-H's diminish your outdoor experiences. Whether it's fly fishing, hunting or skiing, it's 90% your skill and (maybe) 10% the gear.
  8. Annie Rutherford

    Annie Rutherford Washington Native

    Have you seen a trout bum lately? It won’t matter what you have on if you cast well and have confidence in your self. If you at a casting clinic because you need help learning to cast and feel weird about that you can always contact someone for private instruction. I have to say that was the best 100$ I have spent in the last year. If those guys want to be distant let them it shows there true charterer and you don’t want to fish with someone like that.:)
  9. who said he had to search the net for it... :rofl: :clown:
  10. James Waggoner

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    It doesn't matter what others think, if they don't like you for who you are, you probably have no use for them or their opinions. I will say this, I'm tired of hearing the expensive gear bash/class warfare bit. I appreciate nice gear and am willing to save to buy it...and yes an expensive Simms jacket, boots or waders, may mean more fish. If you're cold, tired, wet and miserable, you're probably not going to fish very long. The point is buy what you want and feel the best value to YOU IS. Really, Just because you wear a pair of Stearns Chest Waders and know how to fish, doesn't mean it's okay to look down your nose at the Pataguchi Guy...If you do, you're no better than how YOU Think he is!

    The labels don't define you, so don't allow it to define others.

    I can't believe I just responded to this thread...in the words of Rodney King...."Can't we all just get along!" That was Rodney wasn't it?

  11. Steve Saville

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    I have a pair of Simms waders. They fit but I most often wear the cheapest Cabela's boot foot waders and don't give a rat's butt what others wear or if they like my clothes. I fish with a group of guys that could care less. It's the fishing that coumts.
  12. Chris Johnson

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    Unrooted, don't worry about it bro, just go and learn all you can. It's about pleasing yourself, not others. The fu**in snob are not worth your time!
  13. Screw em. If you're a fly fishing geek your in the club. I have found over the years the some of the best equipped and dressed guys on the river can't cast a or fish a lick. Just ignore them. Keep working on your casting and you will get there.
  14. Lugan

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    Some of you guys are like insecure 13 year-old girls talking about your own clothes and what others are wearing.
  15. unrooted

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    I re-read my post, I sure come across as a butt-hurt little be-yotch. I really did get a lot from it, I learned how to tighten up my c-spey and a few things about gear and casting, I mostly just thought it was funny that people think that fishing is a tough guys sport, it's kind of like climbing, surfing and mountain biking, the beginners and pros are super cool and the kinda good folk are sticks in the mud.

    I don't have anything against simms, etc, I just felt like a homeless guy in the ritz. I will probably buy some of that gear in the future, if I ever get a job and if my current stuff wears out. I'm actually a super gear head, so mostly I was just jealous especially after trying out the guides Sage rod, that thing felt nice and cast super smooth but I think that is cause it had a really soft feel compared to my stiff stick so I was able to cast slowly and still get a good bit of distance, compared with my fast action rod where I have to be more precise with my timing.

    I went to a TU meeting tonight and of twenty-some people in the room I was the only one to fish in the last month, and I've hit 5 different rivers and been out a least twice a week in that time. So despite not having a lot of knowledge at least I'm getting a lot more time on the water than some folk which might be why my reel is jacked up, and my jacket and waders both have holes and rips.
  16. Panhandle

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    I wear simms, patagonia, have Sage gear, etc..
    But you wouldn't notice because all my gear is covered with beer, chew spit, fish slime, dirt, and farts.
  17. TomB

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    ....that's the way to do it...the last dozen or so steelhead i have landed haven't said a word about my aquaseal patterned waders covered with plastic shopping bags as glue-backing, or the holes in my wading jacket, or the duct tape on one of my guides (ok, I should really fix that one). time on the water is worth 10 times more than all of the rest of it combined...make your time count...be observant when you are out there and you will start to pick up patterns both in your presentation and your reading of the water and conditions...you will improve much faster than the orvis-toting yuppies hanging out at the clubhouse.
  18. Leroy Laviolet

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    Very well stated Pan, and a good thing to take with you in life in general-
    I gotta say though , I'm all for high fasion on the river ...:rofl::rofl:
  19. stewart dee

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    Next time go with a nice 18 pack of PBR or Busch tall boys and start drinking while you piece together your fly rod. That always gets some good looks!
  20. Derek Young

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    Professional Boaters Refreshment FTW.