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  1. whats worse or better for that matter...a bunch of dressed up yehaa's with no skill or a beater set up and you whoop on um?

    When I used to golf I rolled out on the public courses in a t-shirt and shorts..smoking a stoogie with a no name bag...loved walking up to the Titleist or Nike logo'd guys and squint at um and say..."Mind if I join you"? Actually had a couple groups try to blow me off but would tell um the shop put me in their group...Would just put a whooping on them...and eventually they'd realize that I was scratch and they with all their gear sucked...funny as hell and for the most part we were all chatty little cathy's by the end...

    On the water, one of the best casters etc. I know sports some of the cheapest ass stuff you've ever seen...looks kind of like towelly off southpark....but watch him cast and fish for a bit and you realize..."holy shit, looks can sure be deceiving...guy's boots used to have laces knotted on um and no felt on the bottom...He is like a rat bike in human form...then he takes your rod, throws it to the backing knot, says.."Dude, nice rod" and walks away with you winding line in like a bastard....

    Now me, I can finally afford a few things and dig having um...but that just means I worked my ass off for too long, don't fish enough or have anything else to spend my jack on...but it comes with some learned skills so I don't look like a total douche bag...

    IMHO nothing is more shallow then guys who show up sporting all the gear and don't know diddley about what they got or how to use....the words...Pretender, wannabe, goof...d.s. etc come to mind...I don't know about the rest of the guys on here..but if you got it and can't use it or even have an appreciation about what it is..then your a joke..

    Last on my long ramble, sounds like you scored fine..guy gave you a ride, a running line and a cool fly...we've all been there and most are more then willing to share what they got with guys who got the fire but not the means..much more respect for that then the other in my book...

    stew d. is a big gear pimp by the way...:)
  2. stew d. is a big gear pimp by the way...:)[/QUOTE]

    Yeah Right! My crap is only worth half of the cigars your puffin all day. Who has not one but two Bougle pimps?:rolleyes:;);)
    ps. the fly is just for the photo - - we cant disclose what beads we float under our bobbers.
  3. F'ing awesome right there.
  4. Hello Unrooted... I started this spey fishing just a few month ago.. went to the clinic in hope of meeting and learning from everyone there, the instructer and most the guys there were toatally stand up guys.. there alway a few snooby, make me feel like a newbie, not because of my clothing or equipment.. I found most of the guys goes to the clinic is their thing, perfecting their cast and making it lookks good.....they don't fish.. when I ask them to let me tack along sometime to learn this two handed thing, they all give me the run around; so one night I was on this website looking at the spey clave section, Stewart dee posted "skagit Tommorrow?".. I was like woooowww is this real, I have not seen an ad. like this, so I pm him in hope of going out for some real fishing situation, he pm me back to meet him up and hit the skagit... i was so stoke that night, I couldn't sleep, Every since that first trip, I have learn more from Stewart Dee than any one every told me and we have fish for the last few month... never really tell him that much to him in person.(he would probably B**th Slap for been too sensitive)..sorry did meant to go too off the subject but theres lots of good people out there.. unrooted don't let the few damper your spirit,, take care jimmy
  5. duct tape right foot!!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl: priceless! I like how you roll man!:thumb:
  6. 100% awesome. Hit me up if you're ever down Oly way. I don't know shit, but I get out a lot.
  7. My SOP is is to look like a hobo and cast like a god

  8. From what I've seen you have made it.
  9. Yeah Right! My crap is only worth half of the cigars your puffin all day. Who has not one but two Bougle pimps?:rolleyes:;);)
    ps. the fly is just for the photo - - we cant disclose what beads we float under our bobbers.[/QUOTE]

    No kidding...I forgot to give you back that dink float you lent me for my pink worm pooping an egg pattern errr bead fly!!!

    Who you aiming that thing at?.....It must be love I'm hearing...it must be looooove...yeah...SD & DS forever.. :)
  10. Easy now or I will tell everyone how you are flinging shrimp tails under your float with that double taper set-up. You are good with the 15 or 20 upstream mends to get that dead drift. GM loves DS forever.
  11. Hey jimmy I was wondering why I hadn't seen the last couple of times I was at the Day on the River. I ''m sorry that didn't work out. I met Stewart D one time when we hit a river to fish. seems to be a good guy. So are most of the others Not sure what you ran in to but since you are doing all right that's good.I have to go where I can so the saturday class is something for me to do. I hope Uprooted gets to stop by when I'm There some time so I can at least meet him. This is the week of O"Rad's bash and I'll be there this saturday. stop by sometime. Take care Happy fishin!! Bob
  12. I TOTALLY blend and fit in where ever I go especially in the summer when the hair comes down and I get super pretty.
  13. Save yourself the heartache and self-doubt by going out and buying a bunch of expensive gear (if you think you can't afford it, you're wrong- that's what credit cards are for). You'll fit in better, be accepted more readily by "the others", and ultimately feel much better about yourself. Your casting skills will no longer matter.
  14. I use the budget method and just avoid other people...:)
  15. all right, fuckers, that's it.
    I'm rockin the kilt at the Sandy Clave.
    keep up if you can. pretty soon Simms will be making them.
  16. :rofl::rofl:
  17. :clown:Attention Seeking Disorder:clown:
  18. I would totally buy a Simms Kilt, but only if it's Gortex.
  19. Cause waterproofness is necessary even though the wind will blow up it and freeze your junk?

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