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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by ewhitaker75, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. Got a chance to watch a demo of the norvise system at the FF expo in Port Townsend this weekend and was pretty impressed with the way the whole system works, although it was a little spendy for my blood, (still working on building my fly tying room). Of all of you that have tied on one or own one, what are your pros/cons? I am tying on a Thompson right now and am looking at upgrading to a rotary. Thanks in advance for feedback! :beer1:
  2. Well, I have had mine for a few months now and I love it. :thumb: I just have the standard jaws, but have used it to tie #18 nymphs and #1 saltwater flies. I find that it holds hooks securely regardless of of size.

    If I had to come up with one con, it would that trying to tie anything that you continue tying down the bend of the hook (like a choronimid) is a little ackward (but doable) unless you spring for the fine point jaws (which I haven't).

    The pro list goes on and on. Most of the steelhead patterns that I tie are those that use a dubbing, palmered maribou or a chenile body. The rotary makes it simple and fast. Dubbing brushes are a snap. Being able to view the fly from all angles is great. That and I have fallen in love with the automatic bobbin that came with the Norvise.

    For me, the pros way out weigh the cons. It definitely was worth the money IMHO.

  3. I've had mine for a year or more. Don't know what the hell I did before my Norvise.
  4. I've owned and tied on a NorVise for about three years now - and I can't rave about it enough.

    Without a doubt it is, always has been, and always will be, the *ultimate* flytying system.

    EW75, if you have specific questions about the vise or any of its accesories feel free to PM or e-mail me.


    "Welcome,...welcome to The Machine..." - Pink Floyd, famous rock n' roll stars and NorVise users.
  5. My wife has a Nor-Vise and loves it. Once in a great while she lets me tie a few flies on it, otherwise I'm stuck with my Renzetti. Very nice vise. Because my wife has an older model Nor-Vise I talked with Norm at the Bellevue show and he said to send it in and he would upgrade the vise, for free. Now that's cool!

    We both use the Nor-Bobbins while tying. I recently tried to go back to a regular bobbin for a couple flies. Hated them. Love the Nor-Bobbin.

  6. I have used a Narvise for several years and love it, all of my tying at home is done on it. I have a Danvise I use as a travel vise because it was cheap and fits in my travel case better than the Norvise does. People either love the Norvise or hate it, give it enough time to get use to it and you won't get rid of it.
  7. I have had my Norvise since December and I enjoy it a lot. In addition to saltwater and trout flies I tie tubes. I bought the tube attachment and would recommend it as a great addition to a great product. Dubbing will never the same once you have done it on a Norvise.
  8. I love mine too. The quality of construction and durabillity is better than I expected. I found it difficult to tie tails on small (<=18) flies so I added the fine point jaws. I have a Renzetti Traveler, but I use the Norvise almost exclusively. I recommend his table light as well.
  9. I've had mine for about 8 months now and it looks like it been used for years.
    I'm not to impressed with the coating on the brass that is all chipped up and the bearings have about a 1/8" of up and down play. I'll be sending it in for work.
    The bobbin is great if you don't use 3/0 waxed mono in it which I use all the time. The wax builds up in the ceramic tube keeping the spool from taking thread back up. Now if this was to happen every now and then it would not bother me but every other fly I find myself picking out the wax with a bobbin.
    IMO the Vice is not worth the cash I spent on it compared to the $200 Peak I tie on most often.
    If all you want to do is tie Wooly Buggers then a Nor-Vise is what you want.
  10. Brent,

    While I haven't used a 'standard' bobbin (Griffin, Metz, Rite-Bobbin, et al) for quite a while, I recall that wax build-up from 3/0 thread was pretty common no matter what bobbin I used. Un-waxed thread seems to have solved that particular problem for me.

    Brasso works quite well if you're overly concerned about preserving the finish on your vises' hubs - although I can't say I spend too much time maintaining my NorVise's 'show-room' appearance. It's a tying implement after all and mine gets lots of use.

    As for just "...want(ing) to do is tie Wooly Buggers...", Personally, I'm actually able to dress any number of fly patterns using my NorVise. Although the flies I tie are (generally) very simple.

    Peak makes a nice vise I've been told. But, after using a NorVise for a few years now, I have to ask,...what does a Peak vise *do*? *g*

  11. The big thing with a Norvise is that you need to put in the time learning to use its capabilities. I learned to tie on a stationary vise, and have never really gotten the rotary habit (and the Norvise is best described as "extreme rotary" :)). I've owned one for a bit over a year and have never taken full advantage of its capabilities.

    Having said that it is a very well made piece of equipment, Norm is a heck of a guy who stands by his products 150%. And, I don't know how I tied before the Nor-bloc bobbin.

  12. iagree Stu's right on - steeper learning curve, but once make the transition over to the 'extreme rotary :D ' you'll wonder how you tied without it!

    Another suggestion - you might want to start by getting the Nor-bobbins first, get the hang of them before you tackle to NorVise.
  13. Brent,

    While I can't speak for Norm or the Norlander Company I'm certain they'll entertain any legitimate suggestion you may have about improving their tying system. Like Stu said, Norm is a stand-up guy and backs his products 150%.

    The single comment in your post that I have a personal issue with was;

    "Now ya think it just slipped his mind to let me or anyone elese asking questions about the System know about the waxed thread problem?"

    Having known Norm for a number of years and being very familiar with his demontrations I can assure you of this; If there were any challenges or shortcomings about his System, he'd be the first to address them in a very forthcoming and honest manner. You'll never meet a man with greater integrity or more gracious than Norm Norlander. To imply otherwise is an affront.

    As to the finish on your NorVise - what do your rods, reels, and lines, look like after a few months of normal use?

  14. No matter what you buy in the flyfishing world somebody complains about it's short comings. There is nothing out there that covers all of our needs. That's why there are all the handy tools for you to buy. But with a Nor-vise,why do you wax the thread. I had one and never waxed the thread. Nor-vices are nice but then there is the human factor.

  15. One of these days I will have to buy a NorVise and have Ron teach me to use the thing-I have watched him in the Fly using it in amazement at the speed with which materials can be wrapped on a shank. I am sure it will be like coming from the Edsel era to a Ferrari for me given what I tye with and have tyed with forever.

    Today I am dressing a 2/0 Thunder&Lightning for Bob Triggs,it's been quite a spell since I dressed one of these so when he asked me about it I thought it would be fun. Ofcourse I am dressing it just on my old Thompson B.

    Drinks for all !
  16. You can have my Norvise when you pry it from my cold dead hands.
  17. I bought my Nor-vise at the Bellevue show three years ago. At the same time, I bought the Giraffe Light and Magnifier, which is mounted on a steel plate about 18 x 12. I mounted the vise on my giraffe plate to make a really great work site. I still use my old Renzetti when I travel. I also bought the fine point and tube attachments. The whole system is worth everything I paid for it. It does take a little practice to get used to the retractable bobbins. As for Norm, He's 100% behind his product's and dosn't hesitate to answer questions you might have.
  18. Matt Burke,

    "You can have my Norvise when you pry it from my cold dead hands." :rofl:

    Those are almost the *exact* sentiments of Don Johnson, a fellow Pro Tyer for the Norlander Company! He said, "... you can take my rods and reels, but the only way you'll get my NorVise is when you pry it from my cold dead hands!"

    I watched Don tie five-hundred (count'em, five-hundred!) Miracle Caddis flies in 24 hours. He said afterwards that there'd be no way he could have done it without using a NorVise.

  19. I didn't know Don said that, but he did hook me up with my Norvise. It's too bad others have had a bad experience with it. I just don't know how I did it before without one. I have not been in the market for a vice since then.
  20. there is a wild and crazy fly tyer at anchor point, alaska that has attached an electric motor to his norvise for addtional rotary speed.drugs sold seperately. :beer1:

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