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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by ewhitaker75, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. Matt Burke

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    Do they still sell waxed thread?
  2. StuFarnham

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    Hey, Wickedcarpenter,

    Nice, mature post! You're sure to convince a bunch of people with such an eloquent argument!!

    You're certainly entitled to your opinion -- you seem to forget that Hywel, Matt Burke, and others are entitled to theirs.

    And, before you jump on me, I own a Norvise, but my opinion of it is mixed.

  3. Hywel

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    You're correct, this thread was about the pros and cons of the NorVise. However, you seemed to have misconstrued it as some kind of personal attack.

    I think even the most disparaging comments about something (or someone) can be constructive when they're presented in a civil and mature manner.

    I truly don't mind your negative comments about the NorVise. While it remains the vise of choice for some of the the most talented and recognized flytyers in the world - it's not for everyone.

    What I do take offense with is your unfounded and childish condemnation of a friend and professional colleague.

    That being said, I'll take the high-road (surprise) and wish you the very best.

  4. Hywel

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    A little research on your part would be in order, IMO.

    "But as far as the best tiers in the world they do not tie on a Nor-Vise and the ones who do are selling it."

    The names that immediately come to my mind when thinking of some of the worlds best tyers are, Lee Clark (inventor of Clarks Stonefly, and contract tyer for Umpqua Feather Merchants), Alec Jackson, (considered one of the most innovative tyers in the country and "Steeheading's most eloquent spokesman") and Don Johnson (contract tyer for Pacific Fly Co. and the designer of the Miracle Caddis). While Don is a Pro Tyer for the Norlander Co., to the best of my knowledge Mssr's Clark or Jackson have never recieved any direct compensation from the Norlander Co. for using and heartily endorsing the NorVise.

    "There's no reason to tie a Atlantic Salmon fly on a Nor-Vise. The hook shaft gives little room for tying in tailing on anything."

    Two words; Ronn Lucas. Ronn uses a NorVise and the Norlander off-set tapered jawset which leaves ample room to dress any part of the hook. Ronn's exquisite and artistic free-form flies have appeared in just about every major flyfishing and tying publication in America.

    "Next time you hit a Expo look at what the real fly tyers are using."

    I've "attended" a few (*g*), namely the NW Flytyers Expo in Eugene, OR. I was absolutely amazed (but not surprised) at the number of professional tyers using the NorVise. Professional is as 'real' as it gets.

    Again, I can overlook the negative comments you've made about the NorVise -all I have to do is consider the source. However, I'll be very hard pressed to look past the disparaging remarks you've made about a real gentleman.

  5. Ron Eagle Elk

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    Not to add to any negativity of this string, but we just got my wife's Nor-Vise back from Norm. When the vise was sent in it looked very well used (it's a very old vise). The turn around time was 4 days, from the time I dropped it in the mail until it arrived on my door step. It looks better now than it did new. It has been cleaned and polished inside and out, parts that were missing due to my neglegence and hard use of the vise were replaced. At our request we had the cam operated jaws added and the fine point jaws that Hywell refered to were also added.

    Norm charged us for the new parts only. Everything else was a freebie. I'd say he stands behind his products.

  6. StuFarnham

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    Let me be clear -- you are entitled to your opinion.

    I am not a Norvise partisan, pro or anti. My day-in, day-out vise is a LAW vise from the UK.

    I just think the flaming tone of your posts is disrespectful to the readers of this thread and to Norm Norlander.

  7. Chris Scoones

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    WC, your gone. WC's posts on this thread have been removed. The others responses have been left up although they now seam to be a bit out of place without WC's personal rant viewable.

  8. Dan Soltau

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    I am going to sell my renzetti and my regal to buy a LAW vice that stu mentioned earlier. They are the mose amazing peices of equipment I have ever seen. They are built one at a time by Lawrence Waldron in the UK. I am so anxious to get mine I can barely sit still now that you have me thinking about it. OOOOOO
  9. StuFarnham

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    LAW vise

    Yes, I love my LAW vise. Lawrie Waldron, who makes them, provides excellent service as well.

    Fortunately I bought mine a number of years ago, while exchange rates were still favorable to the USD.