Opinions on Sawyer Dynalite Square Top Oars

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  1. I have a 2011 Hyde XL Hybrid Low Profile drift boat and Cataract counterbalanced 9 1/2' oars with Magnum blades, which I use mostly on the Yellowstone River in MT, and to a lesser extent on other MT rivers.

    I had another pair of Cataract oars (same size and style) that I used on a Clackacrat drift boat that I had for a few years before buying the Hyde, and was very happy with them. However, I don't like the way my new Cataract oars feel when rowing the Hyde - the feel like I'm rowing with bricks, and have absolutely no flex in the shaft.

    I've heard some good things about Sawyer oars, specifically the Dynalite Square Top oars. Do any of you have, or use them? If so, I'd also appreciate your thoughts on the Wide DyneLite Blade, versus the Shoal Cut Blade.

    Thanks, John
  2. I have them and really like them. Hard to imagine there could be a better oar. Lifelong Cataract user and really like their durability but the Square Tops/Dynalites are the best rowing combo I've used. Effortless, efficient, and durable.
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  3. Second that! My 07 Clack came with Cataract or Carlyle oars which just felt heavy and unresponsive. I replaced them with the Sawyer Square tops and the regular size Dynalite blades. World of difference. Made that boat handle like a Ferrari. Talk to Sawyer about the shoal cuts. Some people like them, others say they work you too hard. The Montana rivers are what they were designed for, so you may find them to your liking. Whatever you decide on, have the rope wraps extended about twice the normal length so you can stand and row. And splurge on the Cobra oar locks.

    Word of caution. You will hate rowing anyone else's boat after you set yours up with the Square Tops and Cobra's.:p
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  4. Thanks for both of your comments.

    As far as having to work too hard with the Shoal Cut blades, I don't mind working hard, but they might be too much with the windy conditions that we often have. That's something I'll have to talk to Sawyer about. Sometimes, it's all I can do to keep my boat from blowing onto shore with the oars and blades that I now have. I might break an arm or two rowing against the wind with larger blades!

    I had been thinking of getting the Sawyer cobra oarlocks, but I saw several negative comments on them on the NRS website, so I wasn't sure whether they were worth the money. A couple of the comments there were that the Sawyer cobra oarlocks required some bending to get the oars to fit correctly in them. Anyone have any issues in that regard?

  5. The cobra oar locks do require a bit of "tuning" but once mine were perfectly tuned (tightened a touch) I think the greater surface contact is great. I'm not a big water guy, so I don't know if there is a performance benefit.
  6. I've used the Cobra oarlocks and the Square Top's with the Shoal Cut blade for just about a year now, previous to that the Dynalite blade, on my guide boat. The SC blade is used year-round, from Class 1 to Class IV. I can move a lot of water, slice and dice when I need to, and they are super-light. I don't have issues in the wind.

    I recommend them highly.
  7. It is sounding more and more like these Sawyers and ccobras are just what I need!
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  8. All oar locks need to be "tuned" to the oars. I found that out from the first boat I had.

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