Opinions on Umpqua UPG boxes

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Bugsy, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Bugsy Member

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    I'm looking for opinions on these fly boxes. Perhaps you own some yourself, or you've had a chance to handle one at a shop. They look well designed, but I don't hear much mention of them. And relatively few places seem to carry them. None near here, so I only have the few photos and marketing description to go by. Your impressions, good and bad, please. Thanks
  2. jimmydub Active Member

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    I have the UPG 732, the largest in the line. I like it a bunch, it holds flies well and has tons of space. Also, the flies can breathe quite well, I don't think I've had any problems with rust.
  3. The Dude Member

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    Got one for Christmas Medium size. It holds a lot of flys, However I can't give you a feild report as of yet, as its still ski season.
  4. Billy McFly Active Member

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    The lines between ski season and fly fishing season become pretty blurry around mid March for me..
  5. troutdopemagic Active Member

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    I too have the medium. I use it to hold the majority of my nymphs, and by that I mean every slot holds a fly. They seem to be really good boxes, well thought out, the foam is nice and durable and holds flies tightly. The material there made of is really nice, albeit not lightweight if that a concern. My only qualm about the box is that the lids don't fit super tight to the frame like alot of waterproof boxes do, so it seems like they may not be as waterproof as advertised. However, I haven't tested that yet (fortunatly)
  6. Bugsy Member

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    Yeah, I've seen them described as waterproof by some,...and weatherproof by others. I've never had a waterproof box (any with a gasket), so I wouldn't have a basis of comparison.

    I have been using plastic compartment boxes by Dewitt, Myran and Bonnand for many years. I do have a C&F "system" box; the foam is great for keeping order, but I really don't care for the living hinge design.

    As for the UPG boxes, I want a long lasting hinge and prefer a reliable clasp which isn't easily released unintentionally. The transparent lids are a plus,...as long as they don't scuff easily. I understand the Zerust tabs have a limited life and should be replaced periodically, but I don't know where they're stocked. I'm currently looking at the UPG Daytripper and Weekender since they offer some additional organization options. One of the larger boxes might be a good upgrade for my steelhead flies, too.

  7. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Pictures would be nice. But I'm one of the lazy people and don't like looking things up. But I will.
    Looked them up. But I prefer the fly boxes by Allen Fly Fishing. Just as good and cheaper in the long run. I have four of them. Holds many more flies than I thought I had. In the four boxes are the flies that I had in seven fly boxes that I used to carry.
  8. Nathan Weston Member

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    I'm a big fan. I've been using the small and medium boxes since last spring and they work great! I'm really impressed with the quality, especially the slotted foam. They hold the flys nicely. I picked up two of the extra deep large boxes at the fly show last month for my big ass intruders and ESL.
  9. Patrick Gould Active Member

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    I have two small ones. One is about 2 years old and one is new this year. They work great and seem like they will last forever.
  10. Mark Juranek Member

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    The see-through lids are great. I have a med and small. They are weather proof, I found some water after some deep wading. I think they are reasonably priced as well. The boxes are a good value and have lasted well. I continue to add them to my collection.

    I prefer box designs for dries, and Umpqua for streamers and wets.
  11. Poff Member

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    I have two medium UPG boxes and haven't had any problems. Being able to see both sides of the box contents is a real plus. They are durable. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to someone.
  12. g_smolt Recreational User

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    I have 3 of the UPG medium 508's - I put 100+ guide days on them last year ("oh, you lost a fly? Let me get another one for you."...opening and closing, opening and closing...), and about 25-30 personal days.

    They hold flies.
    They are easy to get flies in and out of.
    The foam is pretty durable.
    They keep water out.
    They are easy to use when your fingers are numb.
    They float.
    They aren't the same color as the beach, so they are easy to find when you drop them.
  13. Bugsy Member

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    Thanks, gents. Sounds like you're pleased with the quality. I imagine the competition from less expensive options (Allen and other "branded" boxes) has kept the popularity of the UPG boxes down.
  14. The Dude Member

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    Now if they just built in a geostationary device so that if you drop in the river you don't have to chase it for 500 yards to the first big eddy.
  15. Van New Member

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    I have been switching all my boxes over to these. Love them. Extremely well built. Yeah, they are spendy but you get a couple cool stickers too! ;)

    Seriously, great boxes.
  16. Pete Bridge Member

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    I have the medium and have used it for about a year and a half. I have nothing bad to say about it, it's sturdy and has plenty of room.
  17. bradslam New Member

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    Ditto what most of the others have said. I have two smalls and two mediums and love them.