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    yesterday afternoon it was real calm so i went to restoration point to see if i could pull something crazy from the reef(toothy critters) to my surprise there was orcas everywhere i felt like they were checking me out .never had that happen to me before anywhere yet alone there. i was in a 14 foot boat so i was kind of timid about the whole situation so I just pulled in the line and watched. was pretty cool. no toothy critter but caught some greenling,1 copper rockfish, 60ft deep. maybe some time this winter the weather will let me take my boat out. later everyone Ben

    A buddy of mine who steelheads like its no ones business says this year is out of this world. bait thou he says, to much water to drag a fly. going this weekend to the cowlitz on his willie boat to check it out, got about 10 skiens of eggs (via mintercreek), but will bring my 8wt cause i will feel naked without it.:jj
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    totally cool.

    Thanks for the report.