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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by three_tree, Dec 9, 2004.

  1. Now I like to see materials in person usually before I buy them, as I'm sure most people do. Having said that I'll leave WA for a bit over the holidays and might like to order some materials for the trip (i.e. I might be too busy to get all my steelhead materials in person before I leave).

    From speyman's posts I checked out his website irishangler.com. Looks like he has a real nice selection of spey stuff, etc.!! Has anyone ordered materials on-line from that website? If so, good experience? Happy with your stuff?

    Got any other on-line places you like to order materials from?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have ordered materials and gear from various websites, though not the one you mentioned, and have never had any problems. I like to visit my local fly shop regularly and always buy something, but somethings are just cheaper online.

  3. Nope I never order materials on-line. . . . but if is a site in the community I would have no problems giving my money to someone close by. . . . . Hooks and other stuff I try to stay with in the puget sound for orders. . .
  4. sent you a PM with the names of some of the sites I have used. (They aren't sponsors of this site.)
  5. We also carry some of speyman's materials in our shop - I can vouch that his materials are high quality & I'm sure that the service via his web site will be outstanding too.
  6. I have ordered from irishangler.com and have yet to be disappointed.
  7. Jack is first rate and a great knowledge base for fly tying and fly fishing for steelhead. I use a lot of his materials and he stands behind them 100%. Go for it, its all good.

    Also, if you want to check out his stuff before buying, I suggest attending one of his Spey tying roundtables. I know there is one on Sunday December 19 at 'All About The Fly' in Monroe.

    Terry D. :cool:
  8. Thanks everyone - this is exactly what I wanted to hear! I appreciate the responses. Happy holidays!
  9. I have good luck from these guys for my trout and most steelhead materials


    I have bought quite alot of things from overseas but not sure I would recommend it to someone else.Only place I can find a bit of my salmonfly materials but feel like its risky everytime I order but have never had a problem.

    I have placed probably 12 orders with the above supplier without a hitch.Very fast shipping.
  10. theDoubleHauler is right on , I always buy from local people

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