Oregon Albacore report

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by ibn, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Location: 40 miles off the mouth of the Columbia
    Gear: Tibor Gulfstream, Sage xi2 9' 12wt, shock and awe baitfish
    Weather: pancake flat

    Started Saturday morning at 3am heading out the mouth of the Columbia. After a long ride we hit the bluewater, water temps were 63 and Albacore were showing. We got our first fish not 10 seconds into fishing. After that it was a lot of cat and mouse action, cruising around looking for jumping tuna then casting to them before they would move. We were lucky to have such great weather. We ended up with almost 20 tuna, pretty good take for a day of fishing.

    Some highlights:
    • Backyard becomes Junkyard
    • Catching a tuna 10 seconds after wetting my line
    • Catching my first blue shark
    • No one puking
    • Alpines camo pants
    • Getting enough tuna to attract a crowd of blue sharks
    • Plenty of big tuna, most fish were 20+ with a couple nearly 30
    • Only speaking in heavy metal rocker falsetto voice
    • Feeding live bait to blue sharks right at the boat

    Thanks Anil/PSFC for setting this up!

    And the pics:

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  2. Good stuff
  3. Great smoking reels....well done boys. In some of those pic's it looks pond calm. How far out were you?
  4. I might like to try this next year, but I have no gear. Does the Cap'n provide/rent rods?

    Looks like an unreal trip.
  5. They have gear rods you can use, but not fly rods, you would need to provide your own. Not many outfits ever consider fly fishing for Albacore.
  6. as usual - SWEET report! looks like a blast.
  7. Very good trip and can not wait to do it again.
    Information to add to the high lights.
    To bed at 11:15 PM made getting up at 3 AM a real chore but well worth it.
    Roll casting a full sink and Shock an Awe with guys all around you is not easy
    Picking up the tuna by the gill and having it rip under its own weight.
    Seeing the backing twice then taking for ever to get the fish in the last 10 feet.
    A 12-wt TFO rod with Ross CLA7 reel bent to its max but doing the job just fine.
    Casting off the bow for tuna and having a blue shark hit at it instead.
    Feeling the Tuna hit while stripping line in but not getting the hook set enough because I was to busy getting the line cleared off the deck.
    Chris from Vancover finally getting his first Tuna after 4 times signed up for trips that did not work out. Then watching him get more. 4Th times the charm.
    Cleaning and packing 20 Tuna till after dark
    Watching Junkyard {Backyard} hook the final fish of the day and it taking him from bow to stearn and back again.
    Trying to stay awake on the drive home Thanks IBN for staying awake and talking together the whole way home to help keep me awake. Got back to my house at 12:30 PM.
    Geat trip and good times and will be signing up to do the trip again that for sure. First Tuna for me and I am now hooked. Anil sign me up for next year for sure.
  8. Nice report and pics, Ibn. I've been having constant daydreams ever since I went with Anil on the Labor Day trip. We got 35 miles out before we had to turn around due to rough conditions. So close yet so far away! I'm signed up for an early Oct trip. Anil promised me the weather will be perfect! :)
  9. Sounds like you had a blast. How big was the boat. Was it a private boat or a charter. I used to chase yellowfin and skpjack tuna in Hawaii the same way it was a blast. Great job on your catch.....I would have loved some of that sashimi.......................:beer2:
  10. Great report Ibn!

    Gives me some ammunition to throw back at the wife for keeping me home this weekend.
    I'm so lame.......bawling:
  11. I was out there Saturday too. 40 miles off the CR bouy. Fish were spotty. Had to watch for birds and jumpers.
  12. that was awesome Ibn, damn those are cool looking fish!
  13. Hell yeah! The banditos!
  14. Awesome job guys!:thumb:
    Gosh how I miss chasing Tuna.(Ex-So.Cali Native)bawling:
  15. I think it was a 38' boat, not positive. It's a charter boat, puget sound fly co. sets up fly fishing only trips with Red Sky Charters down there.
  16. What is the going rate for the charter. How long was the travel time?
  17. Nice pictures. I see you had a good day. Those fishes are sow big. I would love to catch one like those ones one day.
  18. Awesome job! You really hit it big. :thumb: Don't those tuna fight big time! :beer2:
  19. Since when do you guys need a guide?
  20. Who should I contact if I want to get on a boat, how long is the season open?

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