Oregon Coast March 2014

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  1. I hit the Oregon Coast in the second half of March 2014.

    We fished local streams in the Tillamook bay area. We caught some very nice chrome bright steelhead and also some downstream searun cutts.

    I heard that there were some major floods earlier in winter, and I saw the trail damage in many places. But when we fished, the rivers were in excellent shape. In fact, the ultra-sunny weather on a few mid March days really shut down the steelhead bite.

    We fished gear and flies. Quite frankly, we fished beads on fly rods and float rods. I think we had an opportunity to experience some really nice native steelhead fishing.

    See you folks in Washington in fall.


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  2. You caught "some" chrome bright steelhead or steelheads? Out of the other "steelhead" or cuts caught this day, I'm curious why the native female, which looks to be still full of eggs, was chosen for the picture? I'm not trying to give you a hard time. Im simply puzzled why an experienced angler would take this picture. Maybe it was your first fish caught of the day and you wanted the memory. For what though? Your own records, fine then. I hope the picture wasn't taken for the braggin rights. Because lifting native steel is nothing to brag about. I've heard the argument that certain fisheries allows native retention. So what, then it's ok, should we still justify that? Especially considering fish numbers are in decline. This site has been through this debate time and time again. I'm sorry to shadow your glory because I truly do congrat you on a nice bead caught native fish. This message is for the next angler. Personally, I would rather hear the details of the stalk, the take down, and all about the fight, rather than seeing another picture of a native fish out of water.
  3. Thank you for your insight and polite reminder. I will take your considerations into account in the future.

  4. Very nice fish and pictures. Original poster was much more polite than I would have been in response to tediousthumper. Fish are not made of glass.
  5. Sounds like a great trip. Nice fish.
  6. Hello Chris. . glad your trip was fruitful! It's been what 10 years since i last saw you?? Ha, but always happy to hear you made it back to the NW. A friend is heading to Germany next week might need some info.. take care - Jeffrey
  7. Hi Jeffrey! Yeah, believe it or not, it was October, 2003 --- at a Cascade creek. Crazy! It's been too long. Maybe we could hook up in October. There are a bunch of remote, mossy, slippery, huge rocky, dolly-vardeny trips that I have dreamed up in the north central Cascade region. Definitely need to go with a buddy on these kinds of treks.

    My wife informed me that I am not getting younger. But believe she was mistaken.

    Sure. Shoot me a PM. If I can help any, I will.


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