FS Orvis 8wt. Power Matrix---Chum Rod!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by dryflylarry, Nov 4, 2013.

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  1. REDUCED TO $155

    This is an excellent chum rod for those ready to go! It is a 9 foot, 8 wt., Tip-flex rod. Lightly used and in excellent condition. Small surface blemish on 2nd section is all. Clean. Good for chasing other salmon too! This is a Saltwater Rod with fighting butt. $170 --- Free shipping in Washington. PM4.jpg PM2.jpg PM5.jpg PM3.jpg
  2. Excellent value and Chumaton approved. Good winter steelhead rod as well.
    Someone should just on this quickly before it is gone.
  3. REDUCED---------$160
  4. I am surprised this rod has not sold yet. It is a good solid rod that plays fish well.

    I will also mention the rod tube is awesome due to the fact it has section compartments built in, no rod sock to worry about.
  5. Had I not recently purchased a St. Croix Legend Elite ESW908.4, I'd be all over it like a rat on a cheeto...besides it belonged to DFL... a museum piece if nothing else :D.
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  6. One of the better deals I've seen on this site. If I wasn't overloaded with gear, it'd be gone.
  8. Amazing...what in the world is happening to the fishing community? My Sage 2580 (also not getting respect) matched up with that rod would be the bomb. Tell you what, I'll buy the rod for $150 and sell you my Sage for $375. Then we'll timeshare :D.
  9. If I had the mula I'd hit it with the quickness DFL, all I have is a 5 wt (which happens to be a power matrix) and a 6 wt. Been wanting an 8wt bad!!!! Need any yard work done? Or need something made/welded out of marine grade aluminum? :D. Will gladly trade services!
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