FS Orvis Battenkill Mid Arbor IV & V

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    I have a couple of Orvis Battenkill Mid Arbor Reels that I used on a 3 day Alaska trip a few years ago. They are both in very good condition with the original box and paperwork. The reels are convertible from right to left hand wind. There are a few rim marks from setting the reels down on the rivers edge, but apart from that you would have difficulty telling them from new.

    Orvis Battenkill Mid Arbor IV - $85 + Actual Shipping
    Orvis Battenkill Mid Arbor V - $85 + Actual Shipping

    Paypal is fine and I can take some additional pictures if you would like.

    Mid Arbor IV


    Mid Arbor V

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    I'm interested in the MA IV if still available.