FS Orvis CFO IV Fly Fishing Reel with 3 extra spools! 2 Lines! 15% to Project Healing Waters

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    Very clean Orvis CFO IV click and pawl. 3 extra spools, 4 if you include the one mounted on the reel body. Two lines of unknown make or age, but appear to be very clean and in excellent condition, I believe them to be 6 or 7 weight.. The reel is very clean...I did my best to show any scuffs or dings, and the photos actually make them look worse than they are. Two of the spools appear to be unfished. No line wear on the nickel silver line guard. Made in England and riveted, as you can see in the photos. Take advantage of this timeless classic, ready to fish with lines and extra spools! Comes with two neoprene cases for the spools and a double shearling for the reel and extra lined spool. [IMG]$360.
    CFO IV.jpg CFO w spools.jpg Rim Left.jpg
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    Beautiful! I would love to have a 2nd CFO IV, but more than I can afford right now. this will make someone happy.
  3. steelydan Newb seeking wisdom

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    SOLD! on that evil online auction site.
    I need a PayPal account to forward the donations I promised.
  4. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    And he came through with the donation everyone. Just confirming this for future transactions. :)