Orvis "Day on the River"

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  1. This Saturday, Aaron Reimer's "Day on the River" will feature the Orvis Helios two-handed rods. We will have all the 11-foot switch rods, weights 5-10; and 13-15' spey rods, weights 7-10. All the switches will be lined with the new Orvis switch lines and be ready to cast single overhead and spey. We will also have the first of the new $400 Access switch rods lined and ready for test flights.

    9AM to whenever. Under the Fall City bridge.

    Should be a fun day. Come see what it's like to cast the world's lightest two-handed rods.
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    Orvis Bellevue

  2. Since you are at the mouth of the Raging and a deep slot on the other side you might as well tie on a fly and swing through it. Winter fish are in the upper river.

  3. Think the flow will be cleared up by then? After this week's weather it might be just a little murky
  4. Would this be your new Pineapple Express, high water series rods, Leland?
  5. Time to learn how to cast up to your armpits with no backcast room.

  6. The weather must have held off there's a pretty good bunch. Would have liked to have been there but couldn't get a ride. Thanks for posting the pictures Leland See you next time,
  7. Leland, it was my first introduction to switch rods. Thank you. Wish I could have stayed longer, but my son (on crutches) wasn't dressed for the outing so we took off early.

  8. Good event Leland.
    I had fun and there were some interesting rods and lines to cast.
    And yes,they were very light.
  9. Good to see you guys. Glad you had a chance to go through the rod quiver. A couple guys have already taken advantage of the free spey reel deal.

  10. And an 11 foot high tide around 11AM will make things interesting.


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