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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Hem, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. So I just recieved the new Orvis catalog and got a look at the NEW and IMPROVED Helios rod that is even lighter than last years new and improved.All this for a whopping $985! I've never maligned Orvis too much but this is getting ridiculous.I guess they expect plenty of CEO's and Wallstreeters to be flush with alittle extra spending money,...too bad the backbone of this country don't get a donation to pump back into the system.Okay, this isn't meant to be a political comment, I'm just flabbergasted at the thought of a $1000 rod.TFO,ECHO,etc. are looking better and better.
  2. I get tired of posts like this. Yeah, it's an expensive rod. But until there are no other rods on the market at cheaper prices, who the hell cares? Nobody is making you buy the damn thing.

    $1000 is a lot of money to most of us. But the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of people in this world for whom the difference between $300 and $1000 for a rod means absolutely nothing. So they buy the more expensive rod. If I had more money than god, I would too. So would you. Why? Just because we could.
  3. Even in the best economic times most of still couldn't justify a 1K fly rod. Nothing new there.....
  4. Like I said, to most of us $1000 is a lot of money, I know it is to me. But that's why there are $100 $200 $500 etc rods. Why should we care if someone who doesn't consider $1000 a lot of money wants to spend that $1000 on a fly rod? Everyone gets their panties in a bunch over what someone else wants to do with their money.

    But why stop there? After all, $300 is a lot of money for a rod to a lot of people. For that matter so is $100. Shouldn't we all be fishing with $20 Zebco rods from K-mart so those people don't feel all stressed out?
  5. I can hear a voice from my past saying "it is all about choices" and "your choices form your priorities". I have some nice rods, some not so nice rods and have bartered my way into many of the better things I've got. I spend my fair share on my gear and some day may touch a Helios, but unfortunately I cannot do so today.
  6. I couldn't agree more. I carefully select my rods, reals and for that matter waders and accessories. Whether I spend a little or try and justify what I think is a lot, in my mind what I bought is quality. The main thing is I am on the water.
  7. :rofl: Ha ha... reminds me of a story my buddy was telling me...

    He was in the Orvis store one day and a woman comes in to buy a 'gift' for her husband. Seems he has always wanted to take up fly fishing, so she thought she'd get him the gear for his birthday. Apparently, she bought one of everything in about the max price range possible. Waders, rod, reel, spools and lines, flies (for every conceivable northwest fishing experience), boxes, vest, and a pile of other gadgets.

    Kind of sad that some guy 'thinking of taking up' fly fishing gets the shopping spree most real fishermen could only dream about...

    I agree with Josh, it's a ridiculous price, but if someone will buy it then someone's gotta make it!
  8. Actually the main thing is that it's your choice,.
    See that's the thing about freedom, you get to decide for yourself and if you spend $50.00 or $5,000.00 it is nobody's business but yours!
    Well that's how it used to be, but sadly now big brother is watching and even worse, he has started to persuade your friends and neighbors, even your kids! to watch you, for him.
    Next thing you know you'll be told you drive to big a car, you make too much money, the house you live in is way too big, you don't recycle enough etc,etc,etc
    And that old saw about "I only buy quality" HA! why you sir are just a selfish, uncaring, wasteful individual, who has no right to put your desires above the common good of all humanity. The very idea! have you no shame?
    You should sell that expensive stuff, buy a smaller car or house or whatever and give the money, you so callously wasted on yourself to big brother, and he will make sure to send it to those less capable than you to provide for themselves. After all, that's the new American way, isn't it? ;)
    "From each according to his ability - to each according to his need" may soon replace "In God we Trust" on our currency, just so nobody forgets.
    PS: for you youngsters who don't know where that, from each to each, quote originated---look it up, I know they didn't teach it to you in school)

  9. Aren't the Helios MADE IN CHINA/KOREA? If so, I'd have a hard time spending that much money for an over seas rod or reel for that matter.
  10. I know what you're saying.In addition to ffing I like wine.I've had a twenty dollar bottle of wine that steam rolled over a hundred dollar bottle.You can only improve something so much.
  11. It's hard to believe but I actually catch fish on a fly rod that cost less than $1000.00.The helious would be the choice of dumb,first time fisherman who have never hear of Scott,Winston,Thomas & Thomas.Only a fool would spend that kind of money at Orvis when they could spend it at these other fine establishments.
  12. The main thing is I am on the water.[/QUOTE

    Nuff said!


  13. If you cant see value you wont pay the price tag. Whatever price that is.
    Im saving money to get a $1300 fiberglass rod, by Tom Morgan.. thats value, its an investment not just another rod. Maybe the day Orvis can add that much value to the rods no one will post critics like this.
  14. Me too. It's not much different than going to a nice restaurant for a steak dinner vs. going to McD's for a $1 cheeseburger. Both will fill you up and make a turd. If you can afford the steak, go for it. If you can't afford the steak, don't bad mouth the restaurant for serving them.

    The Orvis Helios rods are made in Manchester VT. Not Korea! I can't afford a Helios, but I'm happy there are people who can. The R&D that goes into a high $$ rod eventually trickles down into the rods that I can afford.
  15. I'm pretty sure Orvis makes most of its rods in-house in the US. I think some of the lowest-end rods are made overseas though.
  16. streamline clearwater and tls lines all made overseas
  17. All Orvis rods are made in Manchester, VT. with the exception of the Frequent Flyer and Clearwater rods. Orvis has also been hit with the hard economic times; they arent immune to the layoffs. I believe most "value rods" are made overseas now. Look at Winston as a for instance.

    If you go a little further into that catalog you will find that the $995 rod is actually a rod $775, BLA reel $219, line $69, backing $20, and a carrying case $129. The Helios rods are $775 to $795, which is still a lot of money but how much are the other fine rods in the industry? They are mostly handcrafted in the USA by USAmerican people.

    Also, believe it or not, but Orvis actually has apparel (fleece coats and such) that are Made in the USA. You get what you pay for usually and I'm willing to pay a little more for fine craftsmanship from here in the states.
  18. Oh, I forgot Streamline but the TLS are made in Manchester.

    "Plus, our 150-years of expertise and high-end rod shop mean you get it for less money. Truly the best value, finest-casting, premium fly fishing rod on the market today. Built by experienced craftsmen in Manchester, Vermont, continuing a 150-year fly rod-building tradition. 25 year guarantee".

  19. Look it was JUST an observation.Maybe a redundant post,but for those that this offends,..don't comment.I really don't care one way or another about Orvis or any other company that sells merchandise for more than I can afford.If I could, I would.Each to their own.I think I am still pissed that I bought a Zero gravity last summer for the full price and then shortly thereafter the rod was discontinued and dealers were unloading them for a fraction of what I paid.Oh yeah,I get "tired" of surly people whining about posts they dislike but still take the time to respond to.
  20. Your inferring that Orvis isn't a fine establishment, why is that? T&T's customer service is not highly regarded, Winston makes rods in China & I remember their treatment of Glen Brackett. I'm curious as to why Orvis is an object of scorn and ridicule.
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