Orvis excited about stimulus package!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Hem, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Adam Taylor Member

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    from the marx comment to things being made overseas...man do people need to get out and fish.

    regarding things being made overseas...show me the person who does not have one item of gear made overseas. Please. Wading jacket? Boots? Waders? Socks? Hat on your head? Hook? The rod is made in china rant is getting old too.

    Buy what you like and can afford...and if you can buy via a local fly shop then in my mind you are buying "american".
  2. jessejames Flyslinger

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    Orvis Bashing 2009!!! The next Olympic sport.
    I don't get it. The original poster gets the information wrong, it is not a $1000. rod that is a whole package. Other manufactures have equipment in this price range why not pick on them?
    This is obviously an incredible piece of engineering. The weight is just amazing. I can't wait to get my hands on one to test cast it. Can I afford it?? I could if I wanted to. Will I buy one?? It would be a stretch right now to justify it.
    Why does this company inspire such emotion. I love to get the catalog and I shop at Orvis online and in the store. They have many great products and they are not all high priced and for the elite.
    The Orvis company is very involved in environmental action, stream restoration and fish habitat. They appear to be great flyfishing community members.
    Sometimes there are items in the stores and online that appeal to a small minority but good on them.
    Enjoy the catalog, dream about the new rods and take a trip to some exotic location in your daydreams.
    Get over it and enjoy flyfishing at whatever level you are comfortable at, financially or philosophically. :)
    jesse clark
  3. miyawaki Active Member

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    Dead wrong.

    The Helios, T-3, TLS, Superfines, and bamboo are all made in Manchester, VT.

  4. jcalderon Member

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    That superfine is made in the US? That may be my frst non-SCOTT rod.

    Also, who the hell cares how much a rod costs? There is used gear, budget gear, and mid level gear that will suit you fine. Live within your means and buy what you can afford. If everyone followed that advice, America wouldnt be in the financial crisis it is now!
  5. trevally New Member

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    It is an age old argument that will never cease to exist (like Northern California vs. Southern California, East Coast Rap vs. West Coast Rap, and Bloods vs. Crips).

    Get out and angle.

  6. Hem Member

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    Okay,Okay.I stand corrected,my apologies.Yeah the $1000 WAS for the package deal.My error, sorry to rub all you staunch Orvis supporters.They market fine merchandise,...I use two of their rods and reels,so it isn't about my bashing,per say,but more of a raised eye brow.Orvis clearly has succesful sales, a statement that reflects comfortable economic times in some circles.It IS comforting to see a glimmer of stability by one american company that markets home grown merchandise.I don't need a Helios to catch fish,....but it sure might be fun.Call it envy.White flag has been hoisted.Have a great day everybody. Hem
  7. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    If you get treated badly, deal with whomever or whatever company did so one on one. Don't do it here. If you don't like one company for one reason or another you can say what you want, it is a free country, right? But for those that want to bash someone or a company for selfish reasons should shut the hell up. I don't think dirty laundry should be aired here unless all attempts to resolve it has happened. If someone has a preference that is cool, I'd like to hear about that. I appreciate hearing how others find their ways to their gear after testing, research and such. If this post offends, well take it up with me one on one via a discussion or air some laundry of how much of a dick I am here in the open forum.
  8. GATOR9 Hey you guys

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    What the hell, I will add my 2 cents. The same can be said for waders, boots, reels, and for that matter, gas, autos, food, wives??????? It all makes for good conversation or should I say debate. After 60 years on this earth and working my but off (since 9 years old) like many of you more than one job at once etc. etc. etc. My wife bought me a $1000.00 Winston rod and Lamson reel two years ago for x-mas. At this time in our lives we could afford it. I love it, I love the feel of it, I love the look of it and I love using it and that is all that matters. The great thing is the warranty on a rod like this as I am quite clumsy and tend to either break rods, or shut them up in the tail gates. Does it fish any better than another???????????
    Not really. We bought a $200.00 Reddington 5wt. for my g/son and I love it for the same reasons as my Winston. I most likely will not do it again but then again I don't have to because of the warranty (sweet). Would I buy waders at $900.00? Oh hell no, would I spend $90.00 on a really neat looking pastel colored fishing shirt with deep pockets? What for? I'm going fishing where my clothes smell like fish, get wet, snagged, ripped etc. My colored t-shirts or tank tops work just fine. In the end I guess it is just a personal choice of which we all have.
    I will however complain about the weather as I look out my window and see snow, man do I hate this stuff.
  9. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    Just to introduce a bit of perspective, here are prices for single-hangers from the more prominent premium makers.

    Sage TCX: $780

    Sage ZXL: $680

    T&T Apex: $750

    Winston Boron IImx: $675-$735

    Orvis ZG Helios: $755-$775

    The plain fact is if you insist on owning a cutting-edge fly rod, the price you pay reflects the R&D that went into designing and producing it. There's no free lunch.

  10. alpinetrout Banned or Parked

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    Get over it. That happens with just about everything, be it cars, tv's, clothing, computers, etc. If you're truly looking for a bargain, buy the closeouts. If you must be on the bleeding edge, be prepared to pay a little extra to be first.
  11. Jack Murphy Member

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    What cracks me up is the guy who says, "$1,000 is ridiculous to pay for a fly rod," then goes out and buys his 60th pack of Marlboro's for the month and his 30th mocha of the month and his 4th case of beer of the month=$250 cigs + $90 coffee + $60 beer = only 2.5 months to get a new rod!!!

  12. ribka Active Member

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    "From each according to his ability - to each according to his need" may soon replace "In God we Trust" on our currency, just so nobody forgets.
    PS: for you youngsters who don't know where that, from each to each, quote originated---look it up, I know they didn't teach it to you in school)

    PAPAFISH and others have to agree:

    It's all all about choice.It's good that some people have the money now to spend.

    I lived in worked in the country where that phrase above originated. Fishing over there is a bit different than in the U.S. I fly fished with a $150 cabelas rod and reel and I was the envy of all my fishing partners. I fished with the locals and they could not even afford a $15 snoopy pole. In fact most fished with handlines, nets or cut a small birch tree and attached a line. And boy were they were they pissed-off at me when I practiced catch and release on trout, grayling, taimen and salmon in their presence. I managed to get a couple of them hooked on fly fishing and left my equipment with them when I departed the country. I doubt in that country the locals will ever have the choice to practice catch and release of sport fish.
  13. Be Jofus G Banned or Parked

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    Only 4 cases? Blahhhh slackers:rofl:
    I have no problem buying smokes coffe and beer. Someone has to feed the welfare moms and methheads.

    If the helios is too expensive, people won't buy it and the price will go down. You can always get one on closeout when the next model comes out anyway. It's a badass rod at $750 bucks it will still be just as badass when the next generation comes out.
  14. SteelieD Non Member

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    Dang, with Jacks math ($60/month for beer) I can have that new Z Axis switch next year, just in time for the nates!

    Nah.... I like my beer, I'll keep fishing my Redington's!:rofl:

    If you don't like it, don't buy it. Simple as that.
  15. sportsman Active Member

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    What a soap opera; call it the 'Fishless and Restless'! First we have Faux Anger, but misguided because of missing facts. Then right into the 'pissy' stage'[always my favorite part of the show]!Then the 'disinformation': made in ....made by....followed by the "Rod Father" setting the record straight. After commercial break we have admission[bought at wrong time], some more 'pissiness'[keep it coming!], then contriteness, more 'pissiness' and finishing with a Social Commentary: "Bloods vs. Crips.".....What the F...!? Can't wait for tomorrows show!
  16. Josh dead in the water

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    What did you expect the conversation to be like, it's an internet forum.
  17. sportsman Active Member

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    Josh, only reason I chimed in was that it exceeded ALL of my expectations!
  18. ggggloomis New Member

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    Man i wish i had all the money to spend on fishing stuff I spent on beer. I would have so much shit I wouldnt be able to move.
  19. Runejl Josh

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    Have you guys picked up the Helios? I didnt know about it and happened to be in San Francisco and needed to have a little fly shop perusing to escape the claustraphobia I was feeling from the city. Those rods are so light and crisp. I was stunned right away. I would love to actually cast one. I would love to own one to, but I will wait till someone is selling one used.
  20. ggggloomis New Member

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    Dover, Delaware
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    really 300 dollars better than the z axis or the biix or the reddington cpx or the loomis glx. Just curious srsly.
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