Orvis excited about stimulus package!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Hem, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Denny Active Member

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    Man, Kent, that's a great line! That's awesome. Based on the recent comments from powder monkey, you're probably more correct than not . . .

    I competed in a casting competition a few years ago, where various rod manufacturers contributed different models for the event. I believe they were all 6 weights that year. There was both a distance casting competition and an accuracy competition.

    When I was mulling over which rod to use for accuracy, Leland Miyawaki (from the Orvis Bellevue shop) suggested I try the Zero G, as it was 'deadly accurate'. After a few practice casts, I bought in to his comments. After my accuracy run, I had the highest score and one of the fastest times, which stood up for the day. The rod was a great casting tool, and Leland was right on. The prize for the event was the rod, so it went home with me. It is also a great fishing tool.

    I also own a Helios, a 8'6" five weight. That rod is a pure joy to cast and fish. No, it's action is not for everyone. A buddy who loves Winston BIIx's finds the Helios a little too stiff for his liking. However, when I pick up my Sage 590 XP after casting that Helios, the XP seems very clubby.

    Orvis makes some great products, and offers great service. Sure, Orvis has some expensive items, but so do most of the other manufacturers out there who offer premium rods.

    Two years ago, who would have thunk SA would market a $100 retail fly line (Sharkskin) . . .
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    You're right. Money is always an issue - well, almost always. I was sort of dreaming there, but I think you're missing my point which was in response to all these guys whining about who buys these expensive rods. Obviously someone - they're still selling them aren't they? There are a surprising number of people out there for whom a thousand dollars is nothing (even today). Orvis has a business to run and I guess they can do so as they please, however stockholders only concern is return on investment. They're not running a philanthropy. I am not saying I agree at all. In fact, I can't and won't shop anywhere that only stocks super high end gear. All I'm saying is that the equation seems to be working - everybody's doin it!
  3. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    Sorry. Your point was perfectly well taken. I was trying to evoke dripping sarcasm in responding to our gaggle of gleeful Orvis-bashers but fear my response was too obtuse.

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    Shutting this thread down.
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