Orvis glass rod -- made in USA

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dan Nelson, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Dan Nelson Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum

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    This week I had a chance to use Orvis' new (soon to be released to retail) glass rod. I found it a little faster than the Redington Butter Stick, and a real fun rod for fishing dries on skinny water (used it on Utah's Uinta River, catching a slew of brookies, browns and rainbows). The 4 wt is 7'6" while the 3 wt is 7' and the 5 wt is 8' (I believe -- I only fished the 4 wt so can only verify that rod's length).

    The rods will be made in Orvis' Vermont factory along with the graphite and bamboo rods, making it one of the few rod making facilities that produce rods from all three primary materials. I think it will roll out into retail later this summer next spring. Definitely something to check out if you are in the market for a dry fly-specific rod for your quiver.

    I neglected to get a picture of the rod (!!) -- too busy fishing with it -- but its a classic Orvis mint green. Looks great, and fishes wonderfully. I enjoyed my days on the Uinta with it. Here are a couple fish I brought in the new glass...

    Falcon\'s Ledge Lodge  001.jpg Falcon\'s Ledge Lodge  002.jpg

  2. S Fontinalis Active Member

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    I think they hit the stores in 2014 - at least thats what i gathers from this TFM post

    Cracking fish pictures, BTW.
  3. Dan Nelson Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum

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    Yup. You are correct. Spring 2014 is what I'm told now.
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    Dan - I know this topic comes up every quarter, but I have to ask what camera you used to take these pics. The clarity is stellar on both.

    Good news on the rod BTW.;)
  5. Dan Nelson Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum

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    No pro
    No problem on the camera query: It's the Pentax Optio WG-2. There is a newer version available now, the WG-3. Love the clarity and color density this camera provides in all conditions.
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    Mine doesnt take pictures that look like that, must be operator error :(
  7. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I have the Pentax WG-1. But I have yet to take a picture under water. No guts I guess.
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    Dan, I placed this link to my Orvis Bellevue FB page.

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  9. Derek Young 2011 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Of The Year

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    You are going to like these rods, I cast them back in April and they are not your grandfather's fiberglass rods..which, I have and enjoy using but Orvis and the rod design team is on a roll!