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  1. Letting my Helios go. Beautiful rod but the quiver is getting full and would like the
    money to invest in new fly tying items. Works really well with a nice fatty shooting
    head line like a 6wt. Ambush Triple Taper - also works really well with a RIO Gold 6 or
    7 wt. if single hand spey casting is not your deal.

    Located in Vancouver, WA. Will ship the item, but you will have to pay the postage
    cost to wherever it's sent .

    View attachment 17283 Orvis Helios 4 3 copy 9.JPG
    Orvis Helios 5 4 copy 10.JPG Orvis Helios 2 1 copy 7.JPG
  2. Nice rods. Super light. How much?
  3. Apologies Ed ... I am asking $400 for it. Orvis just reduced the price to make room for the H2 which comes out this fall - down to $636.
    It's such a sweet rod and in great condition ... of course, reasonable offers will be considered.

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