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  1. A few years ago, Orvis was marketing spey lines in three basic belly lengths: the Type 1 with a 50-54-foot head, the Type 111 with a 90-102-foot head, and , of course, the Type 11, which fell in the middle. These are two-tone (mustard and green) lines, and I'd bet an oatmeal-rasin cookie that they're made by Rio.

    Unfortunately, they must not have been hot sellers, because Orvis is now closing out the Type 1 and 111 lines (see their Sale items on their website), and the Type 11 is not to be seen. The Type 1, which retailed for $69, is available in WF 6, 7, and 10 weights, and the Type 111, which was $79, is available in WF 9 through 12 weights. And they're just $19.99, while they last!

    I got a WF10 Type 11 earlier, and found it a good performer. I recently bought and tried a WF10 Type 111 extended belly. It formed good loops and turned over nicely, as much of it as I could cast, but was too heavy for my 9/10/11 rod. Later, I weighed the 97-foot front taper: it was 1176 grains, which I think would balance most 11/12 rods. I'll have to try it on my 16-foot Alltmor.

    Some comparisons: The original Rio GrandSpey 10/11 was a 1500-grain monster, definitely a 12-weight. It measured .047" at the tip, quickly growing to .061" at three feet, and maxed at .095" at 87 feet from the tip. By comparison, the Orvis WF10 Type 111 is .046" at the tip and at 3 feet, growing to a maximum .090" at 97 feet, the back end of the extended taper.

    My point is that although matching a line to your rod might be a bit tricky (what else is new?), these are good, quite useful lines at giveaway prices. Grab one or two while you can.
  2. Thanks for the "heads up". I got a type 1 WF7. For $20 I can't go wrong, I'll put a loop in it and get a back-up multi-tip line for the price I usually pay for backing.


  3. thanks for the heads up from me as well...

    got me the 7wt... it should work out fine for me here on the Green River (utah)
  4. I was looking at the catalog this morning, looks like the type II has just become the spey line, and they dropped the type 1 and type III. Probably just sticking with what sells.

  5. The short heads could (?) be a cracker jack starting point for "Skagit Casting" lines. For $20.00 I'm willing to put one 'under the knife.'
  6. Fred,

    You might also want a longer one for that (type III). You'll have to play with the grains but you could get two lines out of the deal. I think the floating section is 120 or so feet long. Cut it at about 50' from the running line, and then reverse the tip and add a running line. I think it would work.

  7. Good call. They've been offering them since last year, first at $39, then a couple months ago at $24.95, and most recently at $19.95. I kinda' got carried away and bought a half dozen, so now I can hardly keep track of which one is which. But the price makes them very suitable for experimenting. I'm cutting a 12 wt (forget what length belly) down for a Skagit style line, and have a 9 wt short and mid belly that I think I'll leave one for dry line fishing and cut the other for sink tips. Now I've got all these pieces of mustard yellow line laying on the living room floor . . .
  8. Tell me about it

    Yeah, this afternoon I ordered a short head 9 or 10 wt. Whichever was the biggest they had. Then went back and ordered the 12 wt long.

    Anyone got a 12wt short belly they would like to part with? What is the belly diameter on that? And how long is a short head?
  9. Woo-hoo! Got me a "7 wt" short head coming. I'm guessing the grain wt is similar to that of a WC 6/7/8.

    Got me some new shades, too.

  10. FYI the short heads are more like windcutters than Skagits...~55' heads

    I bought a 9 wt last fall, I ended up buying a windcutter w/ tips and now I'm not using the Orvis. Seemed like a nice line even tho I only tried it twice.

  11. Now that's a cool idea; but with the 'recommended ratio' of the total head/tip at 3-3.5 times the rod length how does that work out? Real question here as I've only cast other folks rods set up for Skagit casting, don't really have my own set up. Unless you want to count my "original sink tip systems" of DT 10 or 12 wt lines, cut, looped and tip added. (Ah, the days before you could just go out and buy all this stuff "pre-made." Them's were the good old days of cut, splice, and .... pray you got it somewhere close to right.:beathead: )
  12. I heard from speybum that the Orvis lines might be made by Cortland....
  13. Thanks for the heads up, pick up a 7 wt short head today, can't beat the price.


  14. A big thank you. Picked up a type 1, 10 weight

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