Orvis to buy Ross Reels and Scientific Anglers...

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  1. Oftentimes when you have a conglomerate like 3M (a company that has multiple unrelated business practices) they divest their under performers to other companies who may be able to do a better job running it (from the other angle: companies like Orvis can target such business' to purchase if they think they can extract more value from it).

    Its a win-win for both sides in most cases. Orvis has obviously had success in the FF industry, so it makes sense for their owners/senior management to see SA/Ross and believe they can extract more value out of the brand than 3M was able to. Overall, it will most likely be a good thing for Orvis AND the SA brand (its doubtful they would kill the SA brand and re-brand all their products as 'Orvis').

    tldr: This should be seen as a good thing for both parties
  2. Nobody makes reels to survive drops on surfaces other than water.

  3. You mean Farbank (Sage, Redington, Rio) and Airflo? I'm not sure about that. Since you mention Farbank, this Orvis-SA combination just creates a second large-scale entity that could compete with Farbank. I don't see why indy retailers would kick out SA products either.

    Not sure why you'd include AIrflo in this group. They just have Airflo lines and Echo rods...or do they have more than that? I guess I am not that familiar with them.

  4. What a crazy hypothosis. 3M is $30 BILLION dollar company. The entire fly fishing industry is smaller than the model railroading industry. 3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing) held onto a fishing business for all these years as a cultural touchstone to their Minnesota roots IMHO, and that type of thinking just isn't relevant in the global economy. I would bet the whole deal was less than $20M, worth a few minutes of 3M's annual revenue. Undoubtedly running the fishing biz just became more hassle than it was worth. Glad it found a home in Orvis. And fantastic to see Bruce Richards back.
  5. I'm a little worried. Will SA still be SA, I love there lines and hate orvis line's. How will we know.
  6. SA makes some good lines, but are the orvis lines you tried really that bad to where you hate them? I have a couple of orvis lines and I find them solid and serviceable, as I do with some of the SA and Rio lines. I haven't discovered a great Orvis line yet, but then I don't usually target them when purchasing a new line. Maybe if I bought as many Orvis lines as I have with Rio and SA I might discover some of their lines are really great. I don't know, SA makes Orvis's lines now according to Leland above....seems to be in good hands, see what happens.
  7. Funny... Because Orvis' lines are made by SA.
  8. Yes, but they are different colors... :D
  9. Aluminum will bend whether it costs $100 or $700. They're not made to drop, no matter how expensive they are.
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  10. Shouldn't bend when dropped less then a foot off the ground.
  11. You'll have to pry my Gunnison from my cold, dead hands... because I can't buy a replacement so the ones I have will need to last the rest of my life. A pox on you Ross Reels! ...and the horse you road in on.
  12. Love Ross' warranty; hopefully, Orvis will continue their protection.
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  13. All the orvis lines I have come across since back in da day, I haven't liked. I have not however bought any of there resent lines. I like the sa and rio because it fits my fishing needs. I will however give one a shot, I guess I'll research some. I like the clear head, sink tip steel head lines that fits my particular needs. And the color does count.
  14. Gene, I knew there was something about
    you besides your cartoons and flytying. I have nine Gunnison reels, all pre- 94 and pre-98. They were the best small arbor reels made. Too bad they quit making them.
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  15. If any reel hit at the right angle, it can bend. It's how aluminum works. I've had one of my company's reels drop from 5' and not show any sign of bending. The same reel has been bent from falling a whole 10" off the ground. It's all in how it lands, and what it lands on. Again, doesn't matter if it's $100, or $1000. Aluminum has the same structural integrity (anodization and machining being the major variables).
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  16. Still sounds more like User Error or an Act of God than a defective reel or shoddy manufacturing. Of course, it's always easier to blame someone else . . .

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  17. The good news is that your Gunnisons will probably will outlive you, and by a long shot.

  18. A lime green line casts further than a red line.:eek:
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  19. I catch way more fish on my Willow Green SA Selective Trout than on my Optic Yellow Ultra IV!


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