OSHA regulation threatens shooting sports

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Roper, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Roper

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    OSHA regulation threatens shooting sports(Updated)

    OSHA is proposing some scary regulations that would end your ability to obtain ammo at a reasonable price, if at all. The deadline for comments is July 12th, sevens days from now.

    This is not an Internet hoax! Go to the NRA link and take some action if you value your right to bear arms...

  2. Gary Thompson

    Gary Thompson dirty dog

    I'm all over this and so should everyone else.
    Thanks Roper
  3. chadk

    chadk Be the guide...

    I'll stock up on ammo just in case...
  4. Gary Thompson

    Gary Thompson dirty dog

    Stocking up is important.
    I got the letter submitted.
    The anti gunners are trying to get us every which way.
    Don't these people understand that without the armed citizen no one is free. America will no longer be a free country.
  5. Josh Benjamin

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  6. Roper

    Roper Idiot Savant

    Call me stupid, but I'll stick with what the NRA is sharing for information. They might be a pain in the ass once in a while, but they do understand trouble when they see it.
  7. Josh Benjamin

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    I agree, roper, and action has been taken on my side as well...just sharing info.
  8. SightCast6X

    SightCast6X americanshotgunner.com

    Thanks Roper. Ammo is already very expensive. Time to start reloading. Who would like to put on a reloading class?
  9. Roper

    Roper Idiot Savant

    OSHA has extended taking comments until September 10th. This gives all of us additional time to respond and to contact our representatives and senators. Folks don't let this one slip by...take 10-20 minutes and speak your mind and concerns to them. Keep it civil and positive, remind them that this sport generates millions of dollars in revenue and taxes.

    here is the full text of the extension:

  10. nomlasder

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    OSHA should simply require a lighting rod and grounding system to the foundation on buildings with explosives.

    I know, it's brain surgery.
  11. Itchy Dog

    Itchy Dog Some call me Kirk Werner

    I cannot figure out, for the life of me, how to post comments on this docket.
    I found the docket listing and all the comments that have been posted, but where do you
    post your own comments? Government web sites- sheesh! This is worse (maybe)
    than WDFW! I may have to just snail mail it...
  12. Jon Borcherding

    Jon Borcherding New Member

    You can read the proposal here:


    It is specially formulated to induce deep sleep, so make sure you have your coffee cup full before you start reading.

    If you click on the link on Roper's first post it will take you to a page where you can clik on another link to leave your comments.
    Hope this helps.

  13. Gary Thompson

    Gary Thompson dirty dog

    Itchy, I had to read and reread the instructions a couple of times then I just copied the form letter.
    Go slow my friend and you will figure it out.
  14. o mykiss

    o mykiss Active Member

    I hate to burst your little conspiratorial bubble, but the "anti-gunners" (are you referring to, e.g., the Brady Center?) have nothing to do with this. OSHA is a federal agency, part of the executive branch. Remember who's in charge of the executive branch? Our good friend George W. Bush. Not exactly known as an "anti-gunner". Nor is Edwin Foulke, who runs OSHA. I have better things to do with my time than read this OSHA proposal, but it seems likely to me this is a case of a government agency having proposed rules that could have unintended consequences. Big deal. Happens all the time. That's partly why these public comment processes are so important. To view this as some sort of an intentional assault on your 2nd Amendment rights is kind of hilarious.
  15. Roper

    Roper Idiot Savant

    If you don't know what it says how can you view it as no impact for shooting sports?

    And as far as Foulke goes:
    "Prior to his nomination, Foulke was a partner with the law firm of Jackson Lewis, LLP in Greenville, South Carolina, and Washington, DC, where he chaired the firm's OSHA practice group. His practice areas included all topics of labor relations, specializing in occupational safety and health issues, workplace violence risk assessment and prevention, and accident and fatality prevention."

    I'll just bet he's really pro-gun...:rolleyes:
  16. Jason Baker

    Jason Baker Member

    AS a 10 year military veteran and firearm owner I support the right to bear arms; however there are many countries in this world were you cannot own a gun of any type. They have lower crime rates, but are just as "free" as we are.....

    I am not advocating right vs, wrong, just a simple fact...
  17. Jon Borcherding

    Jon Borcherding New Member

    I disagree. That is not a simple fact. That is a simple opinion.
    If you truly believe that there are nations that are as free as we are then please post the names of those nations we can decide if we agree or not.

    Actually your statement is self contradictory. If the people in those nations cannot own guns they are NOT as free as we are.

    Sorry Jason, you're not making any sense.

  18. Ned Wright

    Ned Wright New Member

    Thanks for the post Roper. This proposed rule has so many implecations that are so bad. It essentially require everyone that wants to buy ammo or reloading supplies to go to a store that specialized in only those material. What Kmart, Walmart, small country store, etc will ever be able to comply? And no one in their right mind would sell guns without having one behind the counter. Gun shows would be forced to stop selling ammo. This would make any shipping of these materials almost impossible.

    So this creates the following questions. Where are law abiding sportsman going to get their ammo? And if they can't what will happen to the sale of licences nationwide? And what would happen to our Fish and Game Departments? What would happen to the management of these resources? So much for carrying a side-arm when you are fishing....

    If anyone is interested in co-authoring or editing a form letter that we can distribute on this forum and thereby make comment and communicate with our representatives, pm me.

  19. Jason Baker

    Jason Baker Member


    No one is trying to "rip your gun from your cold dead fingers" or any other bumper sticker inducing act.

    I OWN several rifles for long range shooting and several handguns for home protection. I do not hunt. I just enjoy shooting. As a military trained sniper, ballistics are very interesting to me. I practice, and respect, my right to do so.

    Let's realize that our citizen have always had this right. We still lived in a country that denied rights to ethnic minorities and women. The "guns" didn't fix or guarantee those violation of civil freedoms.

    No arguments needed or wanted here, Jon. I'm just throwing out there that there may be other measuring sticks of freedom than the ability to own a gun?
  20. Roper

    Roper Idiot Savant

    Like disagreeing with your comments?

    You never did state those other countries that are "just as free..."

    So when the cost of ammo prohibits buying it, or companies will no longer bother selling it because of draconian regulations, whatcha gonna shoot in your guns?