Otter in Denny Creek

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  1. triploidjunkie

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    Otters do just fine in larger rivers, but they do massive fish kills in headwater streams where most the fish have nowhere to hide. Fish and game here attribute the low fish counts in at least three small streams in this area to otters. I've seen a family of three up in the headwaters of one tiny creek Couldn't find a brookie to save your life after. They've been around forever, but trust me, it's not crap what they do to the little streams.
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  2. Alex MacDonald

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    Where's Mumbles?? Mumbles, you missing your pet? Somewhere in Kingston, a family is missing their otter???
  3. bennysbuddy

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    I've had plenty of familys swim by me , nothing to worry about unless maybe they aren't wearing swimming suits. now a group of otters swimming that would be a different story!!!
  4. KerryS

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    and where did the brookies come from? Likely the only reason the otters are up there; cleaning up somebody's screw up.
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  5. Old Man

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    Wild animals are just that, wild. People that think they are somewhat tame from being around people should go get a cat scan to check if they are all there.
  6. Upton O

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    Otters would also eat a bunch of northern pike minnows and carp and chubs and...
  7. What kind of handgun do I need to protect myself from otters? Would a .40 be enough?
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  8. Kent Lufkin

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    I'd get a .44. Can't be too careful.

  9. Brookie_Hunter

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    I saw a pair of otters in a trib/beaver pond (not the ones you think) on the SF today. Another one bites the dust....
  10. Greg Armstrong

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    Yeah, the state probably ought to place a bounty on otters - just like we used to have on Dolly Varden and Bull Trout.
    You know, before us humans arrived to control all of this there weren't any trout around here at all....

    I'm with KerryS on this one.
  11. Brookie_Hunter

    Brookie_Hunter aka Dave Hoover

    I was hoping to clear out the brookies myself. I wasn't requesting the otter's assistance in the matter.
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